Ecomode, the app that thanks (and rewards) those who do good for the planet

In Toulouse, a simple car ride between Place Esquirol and Airbus Square in Blagnac takes about fifteen minutes if the traffic is really flowing, but often it takes twice as long due to traffic jams. In his car alone, a motorist will generate 1,145 grams of CO2 emissions, while a cyclist will take about 25 minutes without having produced the slightest pollution. If the inhabitants of the Pink City are more and more to use a two-wheeled car, a majority of them still continue to prefer the comfort of their car, even for very few kilometers. An observation that the leaders of the airport platform were able to make as 71% of their employees are still soloists.

After developing carpooling or encouraging the use of bicycles, they at Airbus have decided to shift gears by setting up Ecomode in collaboration with Toulouse MĂ©tropole or TissĂ©o. This free application rewards employees who prefer low carbon travel. Between November and May, more than 1,600 employees in the European group downloaded it and used it to calculate the CO2 footprint of their travels and earn points. Points that have accumulated have turned into discount or purchase coupons in dozens of partner brands, whether they are sports or cinema stores. During challenges between different volunteers from the same company, some may also win prizes such as this electric bike won by one of the most “green” employees at Airbus Defense & Space Toulouse.

Almost 19.2 tonnes of CO2 were avoided

But by leaving their car in the garage, whether they are young converts to “low carbon” or longtime followers, they have, above all, avoided producing 19.2 tons of CO2. Following the results of this first phase of experiments, also carried out by Sopra Steria employees over the last six months, Ecomode has just been extended to all residents of the metropolitan area of ​​Toulouse.

“We need to be in a paradigm shift to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and road traffic. On each trip, over half an hour, we add twenty minutes. It is more pollution and a loss of earnings of 11 working days per. employees every year who are stuck in traffic jams, “recalls Bruno Costes, Airbus’ Environment and Public Affairs Director, who plans to reduce 63% of its emissions by 2030.

If a transfer of staff from the aircraft manufacturer’s toulouse locations was done in soft ways, this would also make it possible to streamline road traffic around the airport platform, the source of two thirds of the air pollution in the sector. The size of the 37 municipalities in the big city, this project aims to save almost 2,600 tons of CO2 by the end of 2023.

Export Ecomode

By the end of the year, Ecomode officials hope to have 15,000 users. And convince new businesses to start. “Because we must not forget that 60% of travel is within the framework of home-work travel, employers therefore have a role to play. In addition to the rewards, some employees also find an interest in the application by being able to measure the emission savings they make on a daily basis, ”assures Geoffrey Labaume, head of the low-carbon mobility project at Airbus.

Eventually, everyone hopes that this incentive application will leave the Toulouse perimeter to be adopted almost everywhere in France, but also why not at Airbus locations elsewhere in Europe.

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