Bentley Bentayga extended wheelbase: 18 cm that counts

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No, the Bentley Bentayga EWB is not just an extended SUV according to the brand. Efforts are being made to make it the flagship of Bentley’s luxury car, but also of the car industry. Symbol of a shift to the raised vehicle, it is not a sedan that this role as standard carrier is handed over, but an SUV.

Specifically, this successor pampers Mulsanne in terms of rear comfort those who will be driven by sitting behind. The vehicle is available in 4 seats with center console at the rear, or in 4 + 1 with 4 seats and a central “folding seat”. Already now, access on board has been expanded with longer doors. The legroom is “colossal”, but the 18 cm extension does not distort the silhouette of the Bentayga too much.

The best place will be the one behind

The long Bentayga has the “Airline Seat” seat “the most advanced ever fitted in a car” according to the manufacturer. 22 adjustment modes, automatic air conditioning and postural adjustment technology. These last two features are world news according to Bentley.

The “Relax” mode allows a tilt of up to 40 ° of the right rear seat. The front passenger seat moves forward and a leather footrest folds out. It is clear that the seat can be adjusted more vertically to be able to work comfortably without getting tired.

The air conditioning in the chair does not just make it cold or hot. Nix! It analyzes the passenger’s temperature as well as the surface humidity to determine the optimal setting for the passenger’s well-being. The postural adjustment system is a micromassage system that acts on 177 pressure changes in six independent zones.

The luxury car is still a dream

In addition, the Airline Seat function allows seat and backrest adjustment as well as seat extension. The height of the headrest is electrically adjustable. Finally, the Bentayga has long wheelbase heated rear and center door armrests. Normally, with all this, we are “royal” in the back! Maybe a minibar is missing? So no! The rear center console between the two seats is included in the four-seater comfort version (not in 4 + 1). There is thus extra storage and two extra USB charging sockets. But above all, it is also possible to choose the Mulliner console! The storage in this case is a bottle cooler, for a 750 ml bottle as well as two handmade Cumbria crystal whistles.

In other innovations we have Bentley Diamond Illumination. The light is emitted through small perforations in the door trim. Bentley offers 24 billion trim combinations! It is no longer personalization at this stage, but ultra-personalization.

Large twin-turbo twin-scroll V8 as a comfort to the driver

Clearly, Bentley has improved the interior finish with finer seams, larger veneer panels, etc. Bentayga may now even have the metal coating that was only in the Continental GT Mulliner. The rear doors are motorized. Either by pressing a central button, or assisting a natural person, the elf closes or helps close and open the doors.

To move this rolling lounge, the driver is entitled to a 4-liter twin-scroll twin-turbo V8. It develops 550 horsepower, as well as a torque of 770 Nm. Vmax is at 290 km / h, but it is especially 0 to 100 km / h that “impresses” with 4.6 seconds. In absolute numbers, nothing that does not already exist and is not already beaten, but Bentayga Long wheelbase, it is an empty weight of more than 2500 kg! (a hundred kilos more than the “little” Bentayga).

On the consumption side, count more than 13 liters of WLTP (not specified by Bentley), which is the approved mixed WLTP consumption for the Bentayga V8. With an 85 liter tank, this makes room for long trips.

To summarize

In a world of luxury, tranquility and luxury, Bentley presents the extended Bentayga, also known as the Extended Wheelbase. 18 cm more, which benefits the rear seat passengers who are in a rolling living room.

Thibaut Emme

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