Batman, Fast and Furious, Bullitt, Ghostbusters … The ranking of the best selling movie cars

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In some feature films, the stars are also the cars. And this is felt during the auctions, which sometimes show off some of these iconic models. By highlighting their star past, prices rise and sometimes reach highs. This is the observation made by the American company Hagerty, which specializes in insurance of old vehicles.

So based on a whole lot of data from the sales of sixty cars known for their movie appearances, Hagerty compiled a ranking of the best-selling movie cars. Ten models thus stand out, and now mark the spirits both by their hallucinatory price and by their appearance in dark spaces. Here is the ranking of the movies whose cars sell best, compared to similar models that did not show up in dark rooms.


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Ecto-1Image Credit – Barrett Jackson

Among the cult films of American film, Ghostbusters occupy a good place in the hearts of cinema-goers. The movie series called Ghostbusters in France features a modified 1959 Cadillac called the Ecto-1.

Still, according to Hagerty, in 2010, a sale organized by Barrett-Jackson saw an original copy of this station wagon sold for $ 88,000, equivalent to approx. € 83,500 in 2022. The gain is 577% compared to a similar Cadillac.

The car had been autographed by the actors in the two films released in the 1980s.

The ladybug

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Image Credit – Barrett-Jackson

In this series of movies that began in the late 1960s, it is downright a car that is the heroine.

The Volkswagen Beetle displayed on the screen bears the nickname Choupette in our regions and Herbie across the Atlantic.

In 2015, the copy displayed at La Coccinelle à Mexico was overturned and sold for £ 82,123 by Barrett-Jackson, according to Hagerty.

That equates to around € 96,000 in 2022, a gain of 609% over a more common beetle.

Rain Man

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1949 Buick RoadmasterImage Credit – Bonhams

It was in early 2022 that the car from the movie Rain Man – in which Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman embark on a road trip across the United States – was sold during a sale organized by Bonhams.

This Buick Roadmaster from 1949 was sold for the modest sum of 303,717 pounds sterling, or approximately € 355,000 and a gain of 631% compared to a Buick of this type unknown to the public.

It was sold by Dustin Hoffman himself, who kept it in his collection after filming the four-time Oscar winner.

The Thomas Crown case

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Meyers Manx BuggyImage Credit – Bonhams

In 1968, Steve McQueen starred in The Thomas Crown Affair, driving a Meyers Manx buggy and a Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow coupe.

In 2006, this beautiful English car was overturned and sold for £ 36,715 by Bonhams, or just under € 43,000 today. The gain is 371% compared to a model unknown to the public.

The buggy, meanwhile, raised £ 352,887 at Bonhams’ Amelia Island 2020 auction, or around € 412,830 at the time of writing. And an added value of 640% compared to a buggy that would not have appeared in a movie.

Wayne’s world

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AMC PacerImage Credit – Barrett Jackson

The AMC Pacer certainly owes some of its fame to the movie Wayne’s World.

A cult scene from this feature film released in 1992 shows in particular the film’s characters singing the title “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen on top of their voices in the cabin of this car with a particularly atypical design.

According to Hagerty, the copy of the film – dated 1976 – was overturned and sold at a Barrett-Jackson sale in January 2022. Its price? 64,823 pounds sterling, or about € 75,800. That’s a gain of 1,053% over a traditional Pacer.

run after me sheriff

This comedy released in 1977 featured a Pontiac Firebird.

Sold four times since 2009, the American muscle car in the film sells on average 1,544% more expensive than its counterparts that did not show up in theaters.

At its last sale in 2022, it was sold for £ 448,776, according to Hagerty, or around € 525,000.

Fast and furious

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Credit Photo – Universal Pictures

With more than ten films to its credit, the Fast & Furious series has left its mark on people since its inception in 2001.

According to Hagerty, four cars from the saga were sold in 2022. And among them, the Mitsubishi Eclipse, which Paul Walker drove in the first film, was sold for a particularly high amount, 2.114% more expensive than a normal Eclipse.

The auction house Mecum has actually sold the tuned Japanese car for 126,044 pounds sterling, or approximately € 147,526 at the time of writing these lines.

“But the highest price for a Fast and Furious car is the Toyota Supra, which was driven by Paul Walker in the first two films,” Hagerty recalls. This one sold for $ 550,000 or € 521,697 at the time of writing. “That’s a margin of 784%,” Hagerty says.

Risky business

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In one of his first roles, Tom Cruise does not take the wheel of any car. The American drives a Porsche 928 in Risky Business, released in 1983 in cinemas.

According to Hagerty, Barrett-Jackson auctioned off and sold the film’s car in 2021 for about 1.44 million pounds, or about 1.68 million euros at the time of this writing. And a gain of 4,759% compared to a similar Porsche 928.


Second place in this ranking is awarded to the film Bullitt. One of the most famous car chases in history has a Ford Mustang Fastback in its legendary Highland Green color.

One of the two copies used to film the cult scene was auctioned off and sold in 2020 by Mucem, for the modest sum of £ 2.86 million. Or about 3.35 million euros, and a gain of 15,952% compared to a Mustang Fastback that Steve McQueen would not have piloted in the streets of San Francisco.


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batmobilCredit Photo – RM Sotheby’s

To every Batman, his Batmobile. While the recent iterations of the DC Comics superhero car appear to be particularly popular with collectors, it was one of the first editions to increase the barrage of Barrett-Jackson.

According to Hagerty, the original Batmobile created by George Barris in 2013 was actually sold for $ 4.62 million, or about 4.38 million euros in 2022. This price would be 25.928% higher than the price of a classic example of the Lincoln on which the Batmobile is based. on.

Shortly said

The American company Hagerty compiles a ranking of the best-selling movie cars, compared to their equivalents that are not shown in cinemas. Cars from Fast and Furious, Bullitt, Ghostbusters or even Batman monopolize the top of the rankings.

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