Air France’s elegant features upmarket

EXCLUSIVE – To support its premium strategy, the airline presents its new campaign as well as a reinvented long-distance business seat. Le Figaro discovered the two in preview.

France is in the air “: The signature that Air France has worn for 7 years was known by all. We must now get used to reading” Soar with style “. The first advertising speech since 2015 for the company. And what better setting than the Eiffel Tower, France’s emblem, if ever there was one, to send this message? A year after the film with safety instructions on board highlighting the most iconic tourist sites in France, and which ended on the second floor of Iron Lady, this opus created by the agency Aura of Omnicom this time evokes the story of an ascent.

That of a sparkling and determined woman who embodies the airline. Dressed in a red dress with an endless train, she easily climbs up the metal monument. Should there be a message there? “The emergence of this young woman represents our promise to make elegance fly ever higher “, Explains to Figaro Fabien Pelous, Director of Customer Experience at Air France. “We have been through a very difficult period in the field of air transport. This elegance is truly attached to our brand and I think it is important to have this pride and this desire to make Air France the most elegant airline in the world. »

Juliette Armanet’s stamp on Michel Legrand

Behind the camera, American director Brian Beletic. This short film specialist has recorded numerous commercials as well as music videos, particularly for the Black Eyed Peas. And for the music, place in Michel Legrand’s universe with a cover of The mills of my heart re-orchestrated for Air France by composer Julien Jaouen. This “screen music composer”as he himself defines, has imagined a version of the song that is both soft and powerful that accurately embodies French touch. For that, a voice was needed. And who else but Juliette Armanet? In 2018, during the opening ceremony of the 71st Cannes Film Festival, the French artist performed this song composed by Michel Legrand for the film The Thomas Crown caseand which was awarded an Oscar for best song in 1969.

The scenario was clear: an iconic tower, Oscar-winning music, rhythmic scenes that in turn symbolize the company’s various strengths … Air France’s desire to position itself internationally as a premium brand. This spot full of poetry will be broadcast on television, in cinemas and online tomorrow in five strategic Air France markets: the United States, Canada, Brazil, Italy and Germany. In France, distribution will be 100% digital.

A new standard for business travel

The new Air France Business seat

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And it’s again from the Eiffel Tower that Air France this Tuesday, May 10, unveiled its new long-haul business seat, which will be discovered aboard the Boeing 777-300 from this fall. To achieve an ever higher level of comfort, the company has re-evaluated its iconic curved seat to offer a new version. This takes up the concept of the 3 “Fs”: Full flatit comes in a really flat bed of almost 2 meters; Full accesseach has direct access to the hallway and Full privacyfor optimal privacy.

The real news? A sliding door now allows you to fully privatize your own space and thus preserve the rest of the cabin. ” I think it’s important and it’s really part of Air France’s values ​​not to oppose intimacy and sociabilityargues Fabien Pelous. For trips for two, and when you sit in the middle seats, you can very easily lower the central partition to promote interaction with your travel partner “.

Inside the seat, made by the French aviation giant Safran: wool, brushed aluminum, full-grain leather … Air France has favored noble, soft and natural materials for its production. Good news, technology has evolved, and the wheelchair will have a large 4K high definition anti-reflective screen (17.3 inches) equipped with noise-canceling headphones, a new Bluetooth connection that allows you to use your own headphones and more USB C and USB A A detail already available on the A220, each seat is embroidered with the red accent, the brand’s symbol.

We want to be a first-class company that offers the best level of comfort, gastronomy and service.

Fabien Pelous, Director of Air France Customer Experience

On the floor a navy blue rug with herringbone effect, a nod to Haussmann parquet floors. ” We have really redesigned the cabin harmony in all our aircraft and we want to create this homogeneity throughout the fleet with this rather identifying and symbolic blue from Air France.

But that’s not all: the director of customer experience also announces a change to the entire cabin. ” For example, on Premium Economy we will put the same seats that we have on the A350 (built with the equipment manufacturer Recaro in Europe, editor’s note), where our customers say they have the best level of comfort compared to the shell seats we had historically. These chairs offer a 124 degree recline. We are not in the bed seat in the Business cabin, but the 124 degrees is what we offered a few years ago in Business. We want to be a first-class company that offers the best level of comfort, gastronomy and service. “. It seems to have gone well. The sense of French hospitality that makes the teams unique has already been rewarded in 2022: Air France was named the best customer relations company of the year, for the seventh time in a row.

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