Wipe free space with BleachBit: Review and download

BleachBit is a free and open source system cleanup across platforms designed to free up disk space as well as delete free space from a computer. BleachBit can delete temporary files, cookies, history, saved passwords and more from your Windows computer. It supports many applications including popular ones like Adobe Reader, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, File Zilla, Team Viewer, VLC Media Player etc. BleachBit comes with a file shredder tool which can permanently delete files that can not be recovered in any way.

BleachBit for PC Windows

BleachBit review

BleachBit automatically loads apps installed on your system. If you want to support multiple applications – over 1200 – you can add it via an optional winapp2.ini file There are many supported apps, but in this article I will only talk about some of them, mainly regular or system apps.

It can permanently delete or shred files and overwrite free disk space. It also offers a command line interface.

Let’s discover its features.

Deep analysis: It allows you to delete old backup files and temporary files to free up disk space on your computer. In addition, it can also delete Thumbs.db and .DS_Store files, which can consume too much disk space if not cleaned frequently. Deep Scan is a slow process, as the name suggests, it will deeply scan your computer for temporary files or unwanted files.

System: The system section itself has many functions, these are:

  • Clipboard: clears and cleans the clipboard
  • Custom: It is used to delete all files or folders specified by the user. You can select files and folders to delete from the Settings window.
  • Free Disk Space: Overwrites free disk space to hide deleted files.
  • Logs: Deletes all generated log files.
  • Dump: It deletes the Memory.Dump file
  • MUICache: This feature is very useful as it can be used to clear cache files.
  • Recycle Bin: Completely deletes files from the Recycle Bin.
  • Temporary files: Delete all unwanted temporary files from the system.
  • Uninstaller: Actually a useful feature, removes uninstallers for Microsoft updates and Internet Explorer updates.

Windows Explorer: BleachBit can be used to clear Windows Explorer recently used lists, thumbnail caches, and search history.

Microsoft Office: For Microsoft, Office BleachBit can clear debug logs and recently used lists.

Internet Explorer: You can delete cookies, including evercookies, temporary data, form history and web history.

silver light: BleachBit can delete Silverlight cookies, which are primarily used to store site preferences, tracking ID, etc.

There are many other supported programs that you should note while using the program. Before pressing the clean button, click the “Preview” button to perform a scan and check how many files can be deleted and their file size.

that shredder is also great because it allows you to permanently delete the files so no one can recover them using file recovery software. In general, the software is a must-have; it comes with amazing features that are worth using.

This free junk file cleaner also includes one Self-cleaning feature that allows you to paint its own settings. It’s in the File menu. Looking at these features, it seems that this free open source software takes your privacy seriously.

BleachBit is available in a portable version and an installation version. click on here to download BleachBit.

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