What are the best sub-compact luxury cars 2021 according to RPM?

Luxury subcompacts are very often the cars that allow us to enter the world of vehicles bearing a prestige mark. That luxury subcompacts are very often the cars that allow us to enter the world of vehicles with a prestige mark. We often make the admission of size, to be smaller, but in return to achieve a little more comfort, luxury and performance.

The list of properties is long in this segment, but we have especially retained the driving pleasure, reliability, the overall output and of course the cost of ownership.

There are no more models on this list, but those that are there deserve our attention.

Competing vehicles:
Acura ILX, BMW 2 Series, Cadillac CT4, Mercedes-Benz A-Class, Mercedes-Benz CLA, MINI Cooper, MINI Cooper Clubman

It should be noted that the Mercedes-Benz A-Class and CLA 2021 are not recommended due to the control of the gearbox. In addition, the Cadillac CT4 is out of the question as it is a novelty. Finally, the Audi A3 is not on the list as there is no 2021 model, it will be back in 2022.

RPM’s choice

3. MINI Cooper 2021

That Mini Cooper is without a doubt one of the most cheerful cars out there. It is certainly impossible to be in a bad mood behind the wheel. Buyers have the option to choose from an endless list of options, accessories and customization elements to create the little racer of their dreams. Cooper is also offered in 5-door and convertible versions.

To this you need to add the choice of motors. Including the electric SE, there are no less than 5 mechanical options with forces from 134 to 228 horsepower in the legendary John Cooper Works. For the best balance, we especially recommend the mid-range S version, which offers 189 horsepower and a torque of 207 lb-ft. One of the pleasures of the MINI series is of course the presence of a 6-speed manual gearbox.

Still in the pleasure department, for 2021, we discover a GP version that offers 301 horsepower, unique driving dynamics and above all a damn look. Without the shadow of a doubt, this model will be a collector’s item for many years to come. At the other end of the spectrum, the electric MINI Cooper SE gets our recommendation, though the range of 177 kilometers is disappointing.

MINI has not always had a particularly good reputation for reliability. Fortunately, over the last few years, reliability, especially with the current generation launched in 2015, has taken a huge leap forward.

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2. 2021 Acura ILX

2021 Acura ILX

In its current form isAcura ILX has been with us since 2013. Of course, Acura has made a few aesthetic changes here and there in addition to mechanical improvements, but the essentials remain. We must remember that this ILX is still built on the platform of the Civic that was launched in 2012. There have been two other generations of the Civic since. So you could say that the ILX is an old car. But old does not mean incompetent, on the contrary. One could even say that she is the voice of wisdom in the segment.

Like almost all vehicles, it had its fair share of minor issues early in its career, but things were quickly rectified, after all, we’re at Honda. One of the manufacturer’s strengths lies in the fact that we retain established technologies for a very long time. Reliability is fast becoming a major characteristic. Plus, you have to consider that compared to all the other products in the race, ILX is the poor kid when it comes to luxury, accessories and gadgets. Again, simplicity pays off with greater reliability.

There was a time when ILX offered 3 different engines, including a hybrid. That era is over, only the “performance” version is left with the 201 hp 2.4-liter 4-cylinder. Since 2019, an 8-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission has been offered.

In addition to the reliability of the product, the element that appeals to buyers is the price. Significantly cheaper than the competition, the ILX is the gateway to a world of luxury sedans. Another good news is that its maintenance costs are more affordable, again compared to the competition.

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1. BMW 2 Series 2021

2021 BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe

A new version of BMW 2 Series arrives in 2020 to meet the German Mercedes-Benz CLA and Audi A3. BMW offered the 2 Series, but only as a coupe and convertible. To preserve the style, we do not make a “traditional” sedan, but a Gran Coupé which is in line with the logic of the even numbers at BMW with 4-series and 8-series Gran Coupé. Basically the same recipe as the Mercedes-Benz with the CLA, a 4-door coupe.

Built on a platform of traction, we quickly understand that the Gran Coupé has absolutely nothing to do with the coupe and convertible, which are rear-wheel drive. In fact, this new 2 Series Gran Coupé is the manufacturer’s first sedan with this mechanical configuration. xDrive four-wheel drive is of course available as an option.

In terms of mechanics, BMW offers two choices, the 228i with a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder turbocharged 228 horsepower or the M235i, which pushes the cavalry to 301 horsepower. In all cases, there is an 8-speed automatic transmission. Although this is the smallest BMW, one element is still central: driving pleasure. BMW knows how to build a car that puts a smile on your face at the slightest acceleration or first turn.

For now, Series 2 enjoys very good reliability. It must be said that the technological choices are exactly the same as those found in the BMW X1 / X2 and in the MINI series. However, you need to be careful when setting up your car, the options are many and their prices are often obscene. So you have to keep a close eye, because its price is up.

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