Toulouse. This new app offers gifts for those who leave their car in the garage

The Ecomode app wants to promote carbon-free travel.
The Ecomode app wants to promote carbon-free travel. (© MD / News Toulouse)

Get paid to take the bus or bike instead of the car. This is the proposed concept Eco-state. Available on smartphone (Google Play and App Store) since Monday, May 9, 2022, this new application, which is currently appearing in the subway in Toulouseproposes to reward citizens who use low-carbon modes of transport.

Exclusive to Toulouse Métropole

The Ecomode app, implemented exclusively in the 37 municipalities in the Toulouse metropolitan area, is the result of a partnership between Toulouse Metropolis, Tisseo, Airbus and Sopra Steria. The finances of the project are three energy companies: Total energy, EDF and Crossroads.

The project was officially launched in 2020 and aims to experiment for three years with one loyalty system who values ​​and rewards clean and alternative travel for the individual car.

And the various partners have ambitious goals. By the end of 2022, they expect 15,000 users. A number they want to double in 2023 to reach 30,000 users. If they succeed in reaching so many people, it could save 26 million car kilometers and save 600 tonnes of CO2, or equivalent to one million liters of fuel by the end of 2023.

Run clean, get free

Specifically, the app will allow the user to make a trip in a greener way. For example in carpooling with the Karos app, VeloToulouse or in bus, tram Where Metro Tisseo. A calculator will then measure the CO2 savings with these alternatives.

Once the mode of transport is selected, simply take the trip. Upon completion, the app rewards the user with points. By using Ecomode as often as possible, the user accumulates these points, giving benefits to the app’s online catalog.

You can afford it subscriptions Tisseo, different products (water bottles, wallets, bags, etc.), coupons at local suppliers or major national brands (Decathlon, Intersport, La Redoute, etc.) or participate in a lottery to win significant prizes (e.g. an electric bike).

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An app tested by Airbusians

Airbus and Sopra Steria have volunteered to be beta testers of the app.

“The interest is to maximize the individual effort to bring them into synergy. The goal is to ensure that businesses and communities adapt, but also that citizens and employees move in the direction of this decarbonisation that everyone is striving for. This is a question, we were reminded of the latest IPCC report, which is quite alarming as it gives us three years to respond. This is one of the fundamental reasons for the commitment of Airbus volunteering “.

Bruno CostesSenior Director of Institutional Relations and Standardization Airbus – France

With Ecomode, the industry giant hopes to reduce the emissions associated with its employees’ commuting. “In Toulouse through the program CONTACT, we have identified that every time we travel during rush hour, we lose 20 minutes on half-hour journeys. Accumulated over a year it corresponds to 11 working days with lost productivity for companies, ”explains Bruno Costes, who would like to point out that in addition to the impact on employers, these trips also cause unavoidable CO2 emissions, stress and the impact on quality of life.

19 tons of CO2 avoided by 1,615 people

At Airbus, the COMMUTE program has proven itself. The proportion of employees who come by bicycle has increased from 6-12% to 20%. “We now want to take a step further. That is the purpose of Ecomode’s experiments “, Bruno Costes continues.

In the ranks of the aircraft manufacturer, 1,615 Toulouse users used the app between November 2021 and early May 2022. “We had that 19 tons of CO2 avoided. If we calculate, it corresponds to the energy needed to watch 6,000 60-minute episodes of a streaming series, “explains the director of institutional relations.

Airbus wants to implement this system on all its websites

Ecomode is already planning to be implemented in other areas. “The experiment is positive at Airbus. After the training in the 37 municipalities in Metropolis, we want to implement the application at the other Airbus locations, in France and why not abroad”, announces Bruno Costes.

“Ecomode was developed in open source so we can easily duplicate the system in other territories”.

Bruno Costes

Larger employers will participate

In addition to Airbus and Sopra Steria, other major employers have or will be part of the adventure. This is especially the caseEDFI’Toulouse Blagnac Airport, Saffron, ATR, Thales, Continental

With Ecomode, these companies will be able to access their employees’ anonymized travel data. A way to get an overview of the amounts of CO2 saved during home-work.

In return, internal challenges will be organized between employees. For example, the employee who uses the bike the most can be rewarded, as well as the one who makes the most effort to reduce his CO2 footprint. Again, these winners will be rewarded with big prizes!

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