This week’s 7 indie games not to be missed (PC, PS5, Series, Switch, PS4, One)

Play news This week’s 7 indie games not to be missed (PC, PS5, Series, Switch, PS4, One)

Today is Monday. It is therefore time for the editorial staff of JV to give you a small overview of the independent games coming this week. And the least we can say is that the indie scene has been on the rise lately. After especially Rogue Legacy 2 and The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe, we are back with new big names in indie in a week full of discoveries of all kinds.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising

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J-RPG fans will be able to start the week in style with the arrival of the Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising. If this name might not speak to you, it’s not a small license, far from it. Eiyuden is considered in many ways the spiritual child of Suikoden, iconic saga launched in 1995 on PlayStation. If fans are impatiently waiting for the basic episode Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes (the most funded project on Kickstarter in 2020), they will be able to warm up with the spin-off Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising. Announced at the same time as the release of Hundred Heroesthe title puts you in the shoes of CJ, a young teenager who has just arrived in New Neveah. In order to go in search of new treasures, she will have to help the city’s residents build a reputation and find new travel companions.

  • Release Date: 05/10/2022

Salt and Sacrifice

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And we continue with a title of a different genre, but also in line with a popular game: Salt and Sanctuary. For the second time, the Kingdom of Alterstone is opening its doors to us this week, for better or for worse. Because Salt and Sacrifice is the same as its predecessor. It is therefore a game that combines role-playing games and particularly demanding platforms. You play as a criminal who, to avoid the death penalty, enlists in the camp of the Inquisitors, these hunters of heretical magicians. This new episode should especially take advantage of online features, such as the ability to summon an ally. Note that you can, of course, customize your belly hunter by choosing one of the eight classes available in the game (assassin, clergyman, fighter, duelist, warrior, paladin, ranger, or sage).

  • Release Date: 05/10/2022

Songs about conquest


Lately, there has been a lot of talk about the Embracer Group, the company that bought most of the Western studios from Square Enix, with passing licenses like Tomb Raider or Deus Ex. But if you look at the list of the group’s previous acquisitions, there is one name that sounded less familiar than the others: Coffee Stain Studios. Well, that’s incredibly good, as the independent studio reveals its new title, Songs of Conquest, to us this week. Inspired by Heroes of Mig and Magic and Total War, the game is sold to us as a tactical game sprinkled with RPG elements and highlighting the spirit of community. What does it mean concretely? Well, Songs of Conquest mixes turn-based combat inspired by the classics of the genre, a class system, the ability to build your kingdom, and two-player collaboration (locally or online). At E3 2021, Coffee Stain Studios promised us great opportunities for players with a creative soul, including scripted events or dialogues invented from the bottom of the community.

  • Release Date: 05/10/2022

This War of Mine: Final Cut

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And we’re off to a new classic that makes a comeback: This War of Mine. Released in 2014, the title from 11bit Studios offered us a rather special survival game. As a group of war-torn civilians, your goal is to keep you alive until the end of the conflict. During the day, you will need to wander around your shelter while avoiding sniper attacks. And once the sun has set, it’s time to explore to bring back food and other resources to improve your living conditions or even save your comrades. Between the soundtrack, the artistic direction, but above all the system of particularly believable Cornelian choices, This War of Mine gave us an original approach that highlighted a reality that was often ignored when it comes to war stories: civilians. If you’ve never got your fingers in this game, which scored a nice 17 out of 20 in our columns, this Final Cut seems like the right time to get started. This release includes all updates and extensions (including more story-driven stories) and some technical improvements.

  • Release Date: 05/10/2022

We were here forever

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Probably the name We Were Here is not unknown to you either. This series of cooperative puzzles started in 2017 with the game of the same name. After which Total Mayhem Games delivered two other opuses (We Were Here Too and We Were Here Together), less appreciated than the first, but still quite good. Not surprisingly, the studio has decided to re-enroll in a fourth opus. We Were Here Forever takes you to a terrifying prison-like mansion right in the middle of Antarctica. Despite the distance, you will need to communicate to solve the puzzles that prevent you from moving forward. You can count on this new title small originals on par with level design and denser spaces. This made us give the title a rather promising one during our preview. Note that if you want to try the formula while you wait for this fourth installment, you can get We Were Here for free on Steam.

  • Release Date: 05/10/2022


computer PS4 ONE

Want to take a small dose of pixel art? In Cantata, you play as a commander of your choice to explore new lands and expand your territory. In this sci-fi-flavored strategy game, a spiritual war is raging, and seizing more land is the only way to survive. Whether you are human, machine or alien, your search will not be easy. Think carefully about the path you want to take, as the skills specific to your faction can help you expand your power as well as limit your field of action. While cultivating your colony, beware of outside threats, for you are not the only one trying to survive at the expense of others. According to PC Games, the title is a clever mix between Advance Wars and Factorio. It only remains to be seen if the game matches its models. Note, however, that the game is released in early access and not in its final version.

  • Release Date: 05/12/2022

Evil Dead: The Game

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A little horror in the end? If we have not told you about Deadly Broadcast, Apphic Games’ co-operative survival horror game, it’s because a major title in the same genre risks completely obscuring it: Evil Dead: The Game. As the name suggests, this title from Saber Interactive (another Embracer Group acquisition) is inspired by the terrifying Evil Dead license. Played in multiplayer (co-op or PvP), the title allows you to embody Ash Williams or one of his accomplices to form a team of four survivors ready to face the dangers of the zombie apocalypse. While craftsmanship and exploration will be part of the game, action fans should not get bored. Saber Interactive really promises us a particularly nagging title, which was its last title of the genre, World War Z. Add to this gameplay which had found its audience at the time the scenario for the movie of Sam Raimi and you have Evil Dead: The Game.

  • Release Date: 13/05/2022
This week's 7 indie games not to be missed (PC, PS5, Series, Switch, PS4, One)This week's 7 indie games not to be missed (PC, PS5, Series, Switch, PS4, One)

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