This couple cheated on CAF, their luxury vehicle betrayed them …

CAF is an aid and an organization that provides many aspects and helps in everyday life. It actually helps people in need but is also prone to scams. For this you should know that a couple was recently found in cheating CAF!

CAF, an important help!

Some aids seem more important than others as they cover many aspects.

It is actually possible to find several aids which may have different aspects depending on the situation of people.

Thus, one can find financial support on permits, on education. But also on the various aspects of privacy, such as rent and activity bonuses.

For this, it is important to have specific aspects in order to benefit from its support. And checks are performed according to the profiles, which makes it possible to remove false information.

This is the case every year where many profiles are suspected of fraud by providing false information.

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Recently, a couple was found cheating CAF. What was beneficial in this story is none other than their luxury car, which made it possible to find them.

A couple cheating CAF!

There are many strawberries that can have different effects on affected organisms.

It is actually important to know that there are several systems, which makes it possible to have a more or less profound influence. And all this, of course, depends on the system presented!

Thus, for a person who wants to cheat a system or an organization, it is important to have to measure facts. Several aspects are dangerous and in general it is impossible to escape the controls.

Although it can last for many years, which brings some suspicions to law enforcement.

Here in this CAF scam, it seems to have been going on for many years. They are our colleagues from The broadcast that came close to this case.

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Thus, the gendarmes of the Marmande Company closely observed the actions and lifestyle of a couple in their thirties, which was far from their statements. In fact, they seemed to live a luxurious lifestyle, which would then have warned the gendarmes.

Officially, the young woman declared to live alone and received through CAF single parents. But that’s not all, as the man is suspected of covert work and concealment of stolen items.

It is therefore a lot of information that led the flea to the gendarme’s ears. In fact, their statements to the responsible services do not correspond to their way of life. For this, the aspect that surprised the police the most is none other than their luxury car.

But this is not the only element, as several other aspects have been put forward.

The causes of this scam?

Following their suspicion, the couple was summoned.

The man was called to the gendarmerie in the middle of the week to explain his lifestyle. But the woman was also arrested a few hours later, making it possible to confront the two versions.

Thus, several aspects were mentioned by the gendarmes, and the latter thus expressed the suspicion of the gendarmes.

In particular, we can find a certain number of groceries settled in cash, a luxurious home cinema and above all a high-end car, an Audi Q5 used for daily travel.

CAF: the monthly payment of € 330 that you may have forgotten to request ...

All of these are very strange concessions that can arouse interest in fraud inspection. And this couple would have benefited from more than 10,000 euros in compensation to the CAF.

The couple were placed in police custody, and they especially acknowledged the facts, which made it possible to confirm the gendarmes’ suspicions.

Following this scam at CAF, the couple will have to take advantage of it and justify themselves in court on June 10, 2022.

Fraud is a risk and it never leads to anything positive. Thus, it is important to respect and be straight in the boots

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