the national dialogue can begin within the next few hours

Brahim Bouderbala: The national dialogue can be started within the next few hours

The President of the National Bar Association of Tunisia, Brahim Bouderbalabelieved that the reform of the General Council of the Judiciary would go through the promulgation of a law in the next parliament.The current advice is only preliminary … The reform of the judiciary must take place in an inclusive and participatory framework, including judges, lawyers, bailiffs, experts and other legal actors Tunisian », he added.

Invited May 9, 2022 by Zina Zidi in the ether Shems FM, Brahim Bouderbala insisted on the role of the Ministry of Justice in implementing reforms. He believed that the current composition of the Temporary Council ensured this due to the presence of the Attorney General.We are staying confident of the need to launch far-reaching reforms based on -one long-term vision and importance for the complexity of procedures, the length of delays, the improvement of the quality of services and the strengthening of resources; “, he added.

Brahim Bouderbala also recalled that the President of the Republic intended to enter into a national dialogue through the establishment of a Commission responsible for political issues and another with responsibility for socio-economic issues. He assured the National Dialogue Quarter in 2014 (UGTT, UticaNational Bar Association of Tunisia and LTDH) will be represented in this dialogue. The President of the Bar Association also assessed that the national dialogue will begin in the coming hours.

That participants are all those who have responded positively to the process that started on July 25, 2021. We are in a construction phase. This requires an exchange of ideas. Anyone who believes that July 25, 2021 was an unconstitutional couphave no place in the dialogue … The President of the Republic seeks a serious dialogue to build the Tunisia of the future … I support any decision that serves the interests of the country and the legal profession … The Bar Association will call for the preservation of the principles of modern constitutions, in particular the independence of justice, fundamental rights and individual and collective freedoms. “, he declared.

Brahim Bouderbala considered that the President of the Republic had the opportunity to publish the decree convening the electorate to take part in the referendum and subsequently instruct the members of the commissions to formulate the proposals to be put to the vote. He highlighted the large number of experts and university professors specializing in constitutional law and political science. He stressed the importance of the role ofUtica and ofUGTT in social and economic matters. He have believed that the employers’ organization played a central role in the creation of prosperity, the development of the Tunisian economy and the improvement of the working class situation.

He assured that the president did not intend to dissolve political parties. He also denied the existence of a conflict between the President of the Republic and the Secretary-General of the RepublicUGTTNoureddine Taboo. He confirmed that the President of the Republic was confident that the process would start on July 25 and that he listened to suggestions and views.

I believe in social and political solidarity, a clear vision and reinstatement work culture, will allow the country to develop … Tunisia’s status and history are forcing all other countries to maintain their diplomatic relations … Tunisia is not isolated “, he said.

As for the case of Mehdi Ben GharbiaBrahim Bouderbala expressed its support for the principle of a fair trial and the right to defend oneself in the Tunisian courts. He also believed that the movement Ennahda had the right to defend himself in the event of the initiation of an investigation against the party. Responds to Noureddine’s house arrest case BhiriBrahim Bouderbala recalled that the Ministry of the Interior, Taoufik Charfeddinhad announced the opening of an inquiry into the movement’s deputy and figure Ennahda. He explained that the public ministry was the only authority that could initiate a public action.


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