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Meishe helps companies land an exclusive virtual anchor

Beijing, China – (Newsfile Corp. – May 9, 2022) – Recently, Beijing Meishe Network Technology Co., Ltd. launched a range of virtual anchor products – 2.5D virtual image, 3D virtual image, cartoon image and in-person deep learning simulation, which can be used for news broadcasts, short live videos, virtual customer service and other scenarios in social life. Since its inception, the virtual anchor has been widely used in many scenarios such as news, games and short video shows.

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By combining text-to-speech, AI face training, virtual image and video editing, Meishe AI’s virtual anchor product can be configured by customers via web backend to quickly form virtual anchor broadcast video with expressions and rich natural movements that can significantly enhance content production. efficiency and reduce costs.

For products in virtual anchor series, Meishe provides a range of collaboration methods such as direct backend production, private implementation and cooperative development to help customers create their own products.

Virtual anchor video editing background has a simple and intuitive operating interface, users can easily complete multi-segment news production, anchor image selection / emotion setting, anchor voice settings, action settings, title / podcast subtitle settings and other function settings to quickly produce virtual anchor videos.

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Voice animation synthesis technology is capable of intelligently generating corresponding human voice messages based on the imported sound or text, and then driving and merging the face of the virtual image through the image synthesis technology to realistically restore human facial expressions and ultimately produce virtual anchor videos.

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Application scenarios

Continuous 24/7 log

By using AI virtual anchor products, the personnel and material costs required for news streaming can be significantly reduced and the operator only needs to enter the news content, corresponding images and other information to achieve automatic streaming.

Latest news

When something unexpected happens, it is often difficult for the anchor staff to be ready quickly. The virtual anchor is similar to a news anchor that is always on guard and can respond to a variety of unexpected situations. In this case, the realistic anthropomorphic image of the virtual anchor can be used to quickly generate and publish reports over time.

Live trading

In e-commerce sales, merchants only need to create links to related items and introductions, they can generate uninterrupted videos with items, and live stream to various platforms that can realize uninterrupted sales of items without real sellers and drastically reduce the function of merchants. costs.

About Meishe

Meishe is an intelligent provider of video and audio solutions with a focus on video and audio development. The R&D team has more than 20 years of experience in developing video and audio technologies, and the projects they have participated in have won the top award for the Statens Scientific and Technological Progress Award. Their service customers are involved in many areas such as mobile internet, smartphones, smart hardware, radio and communications operators, etc. and they are highly trusted by business leaders.

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