The HP gaming laptop with RTX 3070 is on sale for € 250, even outside of French days

Good deal The HP gaming laptop with RTX 3070 is on sale for € 250, even outside of French days

In 2022, buying a new PC is incredibly complex. The assortments are becoming more complex, and above all, prices have skyrocketed. Lack of semiconductors, increase in the price of raw materials and energy, tense geopolitical situation … all this will have a pretty strong impact on the coming French days. In this context, the best value for money, for us, is found in gaming laptops, such as this HP Omen 15 equipped with the famous RTX3070 that is currently for sale.

In the field of data processing, there are certain “safe haven” brands. This is the case with HP, a California company whose reputation speaks for itself. We who suck into these worlds and we can tell you: HP generally produces reliable and solid PCs.

But sometimes HP products are a little expensive.

This is the case with HP Omen 15, launched not so long ago for almost 1600 €. The PC configuration is good what, but 1600 € for an RTX 3070 and a 10th generation processor, it is not cheap (do not panic, if the technical terms seem vague to you, we will return to it).

Buy HP Omen 15 to 1349 € on Rue du Commerce

That French days begin May 4th. This is a promotional period led by a lot of French online sales players. Are you going to wait for them? Not necessarily. There are promotions all year round, and if a good price is there, it would be foolish to go past thinking that it could hypothetically get even better later. On this account we do not buy anymore.

You saw it in the title, today’s campaign is a discount of 250 € on the base price of 1599 €. We therefore drop to € 1349 on Rue du Commerce, which is starting to be very interesting for a machine like this.

Features of HP Omen 15: a good gaming laptop

Before we describe them, let’s summarize the beast’s statistics in a few points so connoisseurs have a global vision:

  • Graphics card : Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070
  • Processor : Intel Core i7 10750H
  • ram : 16 GB DDR4
  • Storage : 512 GB NVMe SSD
  • Screen : 15.6 inches, IPS, 144Hz

We suspect that for many people, all of this is pretty vague. Here’s a quick popularization.

You know it, graphics card is currently in great shortage and the situation will not improve immediately. Portable graphics card models are a little less powerful, but they get the job done for much less than current prices.

With Nvidia’s acclaimed RTX 3070 you can run any game, even the hungriest AAA, with all the detail levels screwed up and trendy features like Ray-Tracing … as long as you do not try to display 4K resolution. Well, in theory, almost no PC monitors are 4K, so you have nothing to worry about, the 3070 should not limit you (unless you’re working on giant 3D software).

Having 16 GB RAM is important enough to keep your PC running. At 8 GB, even your tabs on Google Chrome can slow down your machine. Supported by a processor that is a bit old-fashioned for technology lovers, but abundantly powerful enough for the rest of the world (and then it’s an i7, not an i5 that we often find in these price ranges), these 16 GB have plenty under their feet, you have plenty to do.

Storage is provided by an NVMe SSD, the fastest technology at the moment. Therefore, your loading times (for both Windows and games) will be reduced and your downloads will be smoother. If the seen 512 GB seems too short, you can freely buy an internal SSD on Amazon, it costs about 80 € for 1 TB.

Finally, the screen, and its standard but comfortable size of 15.6 inches, remains. It is an IPS panel, the most prestigious on the market (except OLED of course) with excellent viewing angles and particularly wide color coverage. With a refresh rate of 144 Hzthe games are all very fluid and you can enjoy your favorite titles in 120 FPS without any problems.

In short, we have here a well-made gaming laptop, designed to correspond to the use of a wide audience. It is neither very high-end too expensive, nor low-end a little too picky.

Buy HP Omen 15 to 1349 € on Rue du Commerce

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