Teasing with your car in front of your house. Is it possible ?

In French law, everything that is not forbidden is allowed. Everyone’s freedom is actually framed by prohibition by law or rules. Are there texts that forbid car repairs in front of one’s home? What is the risk of breaking the applicable rules? Argus informs you what it is authorized to do … or not!

Nothing in the law, but rules that set limits

Teasing with your car in front of your house.  Is it possible ?
Mechanics on public roads or squares accessible to the public are strictly prohibited.

Contrary to popular belief, no law strictly forbids putting your nose under the bonnet of your car to maintain or repair it in front of your home. Yes, but not in front of his garage because Article R. 411-10 of the Highway Code punishes parking there with a fine of 2th class (fixed fine of € 35 with a possible increase within the limit of € 150). It is therefore necessary to plan to immobilize the vehicle elsewhere.

Regulatory provisions set other general limits that may prohibit noisy or potentially polluting operations:

  • Article R. 1337 of the Public Health Code prohibits ” any particular noise that may affect the tranquility of the neighborhood or human health (3th class is subject to a flat fine of € 68, which can be increased up to € 450);
  • Section R. 634-2 of the Penal Code is punishable by a fine of 4th classifies the discharge as “ unhygienic liquid outside approved places (fixed fine of € 68, if increase can reach € 450);
  • Article R. 116-2 of the Highway Code penalties with a maximum fine of € 1,500 (violation of 5th class) fact ” waste or dispose of substances on public roads that may harm public health and safety or disturb the public. »

Tooting in front of your home is therefore theoretically possible, but without noise and without pollution. For if oil, coolant or washer fluid were to flow out onto the public highway, the aggrieved mechanic could be fined. In theory, because in reality, do-it-yourself on public roads or places accessible to the public is strictly forbidden in the vast majority of municipalities in France.

Orders banning “wild” mechanics

car repair at home
It is only possible to make mechanics inside your property (patio, garden, garage). Condominiums are not affected.

Most French departments and municipalities ban what is described as “wild” mechanics. Thus, injunctions issued by mayors or prefects generally suppress any mechanical activity on public roads as well as in private spaces open to the public. Failure to comply with these municipal or prefectural injunctions is punishable by a fine of 2th class (fixed fine of € 35 with an increase of up to € 150).

These local rules are therefore an obstacle to the repair and maintenance of vehicles in front of your home, in a public car park or even a corporate one if it is accessible to the public. As for parking in homes, do-it-yourself is most often prohibited in the condominium regulations. Apart from emergencies to restart a vehicle after an unintentional accident, it is therefore only possible to intervene inside one’s property (yard, garden, garage).

solidarity car repair shops
Solidarity workshops welcome you to repair your car yourself at a lower price.
avatar garage
Home repair brands need to adapt in order to perform repairs.

A mechanic working from home will also not be able to work on the public highway or in front of his client’s garage, the vehicle must definitely be parked on the latter’s private grounds.

For those who do not have a private space to work on their car, there are solidarity workshops and associations that make premises and tools at a good price available to perform mechanics legally, without risking the slightest sanction. An interesting solution for amateur mechanics who do not have the land to express their talents … unless they live in one of the rare municipalities that tolerate car mechanics in public space, of course without noise or pollution.

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