Nintendo Switch: The creator of Live a Live talks about the return of this amazing Super Nintendo role-playing game

Play news Nintendo Switch: The creator of Live a Live talks about the return of this amazing Super Nintendo role-playing game

In the 1990s, it was not uncommon to see Europe boycotted by Japanese publishers. For a very long time, the old continent was considered the fifth wheel of the chariot, and exceptional titles – often role-playing games – never saw the light of day! To democratize the genre in our countries, we had to wait for Final Fantasy VII and Dragon Quest, an ultra-popular license in Japan, to arrive here with … PlayStation 2. Suffice it to say, there are many examples, and Live A Live is just a nugget of gold to be discovered! It’s good, his remake is coming on July 22nd!

A true UFO in the world of video games, Live a Live is an incredible title! Developed by Almighty Squaresoft in 1994, this cartridge truly condenses seven independent stories apart that take place in different eras. Alternatively, the player embodies a caveman, a martial arts champion, a ninja on a mission, a rebellious teenager, and so on. Each plot is unique and the developers have done very well in terms of storytelling. In the chapter dedicated to prehistory, the characters thus communicate through noise and nuisances. Humor is ubiquitous, we laugh a lot and crazy situations multiply! By embarking on this adventure, Takashi Tokita has strived to offer a unique gaming experience and he has not done things half-heartedly. For yes, Live A Live was an ultra risky bet that brings together 7 RPGs in one! We better understand this interview passage from the Japanese magazine Famitsu from May 1993:

A long time ago, I was involved in drama and theater performances, so there is a part of me that really wants to show dialogues, emotional expressions, etc. While the goal of any RPG may be to defeat the ultimate boss, I have a desire to evoke emotions in players – both during the game but also at the end – by making the experience and story stay in your heart. I especially like the singularity of old manga. Take Devilman, it’s a shocking work, but one that managed to stay in people’s hearts.


Beyond its originality and its unique atmosphere, Live A Live is above all an incredible project in the sense that Takashi Tokita called on as many artists as there are stories in the game! So no less than seven artists (manga stars at the time – including Aoyama Goshow, father of Detective Conan) worked for one and the same goal! This gives Live A Live an atmosphere, both visual, sound and narrative, absolutely exquisite! Takashi Tokita is also very proud to offer us this remake today! In an interview with Famitsu (and translated by Nintendo Everything), he reveals that the development began three years ago, but that this option had been considered for a long time!

I pressed several times internally for a remake or a sequel, but the circumstances caused the idea to be scrapped. One of the main reasons for this return is that we joined the team of Mr. Asano, the leader of Octopath Traveler four years ago. When we planned the project, we wondered if we could use this 2D in high definition (HD-2D) to create the remake of Live A Live, and after discussing it, we fulfilled our wish.

Rated 19 out of 20 in our columns, Live A Live will finally show itself to as many people as possible, and the possibility of an artistic direction in 2D means that the original work will not be distorted. On such a title, a 3D production could have broken the very humorous atmosphere at certain events, and the immersion would have been different. Unavailable to non-Japanese players, Live A Live and its seven scenarios (Prehistory, Far West, Imperial China, End of Edo Japan, Present, Near Future, Far Future) will be available on July 22, 2022. The remake will include the original music remastered by the composer of the original game, the very talented and famous Yoko Shimomura.

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