Marine Le Pen’s international support: what this galaxy of accomplices reveals

Jair Bolsonaro, band leader

Jair Bolsonaro’s victory in the autumn of 2018 was hailed by his right-wing extremist European colleagues, including heir Le Pen. Then she wanted ” good luck ” to the new President of Brazil, “which will have to rectify the economic, security and democratic situation”. A few days earlier, however, the leader of the National Rally had been asked about the excesses of the Brazilian fascist: “At least as soon as someone saysSomewhat unpleasantly, he is on the far right of the French media. (…) He made remarks that are extremely unpleasant, which may not be transferable to our country at all, it is a culture that is different. “, she reasoned.

During the dismissal of President Dilma Rousseff, Jair Bolsonaro paid tribute to one of the worst torturers of the military dictatorship. He always regretted that the officers of the day did not kill more opponents.

Homophobic, racist, ultra-liberal, supporter of the permit to kill, Jair Bolsonaro threw Brazil into chaos without the opposition managing to slow him down. Pension and workers’ rights have been beaten up. His disastrous handling of the pandemic, driven by conspiracy theories, resulted in the deaths of one million Brazilians. Hunger, misery and racism, which had fallen significantly under left-wing mandates, permeate everywhere.

Steve Bannon, the man in the shadows

He is one of the old friends whose name Marine Le Pen prefers to forget. But in 2018, the UN praised Donald Trump’s action and boasted of a direct relationship with the nationalist and xenophobic president through his former right-hand man, Steve Bannon. The latter was even invited to give a speech at the far-right Congress: “You are part of a movement that is bigger than Italy, bigger than Poland, bigger than Hungary. (…) Are you fighting for your freedom? They call you xenophobes. You are fightingz for your country? They call you “racists”. (…) Let them call you racist, xenophobic, Islamophobic. Take it as a compliment because for every day we stay we become stronger and they become weaker. »

Double-charged (for embezzlement and economic embezzlement and “preventing” Congress’ investigation into the Capitol attack by supporters of Donald Trump), he does not really fit into this image of respectability, building Marine Le Pen. But at the time of their honeymoon, Steve Bannon already had a rather eloquent pedigree: the CEO of the Breitbart site, a body that claimed to be “alt-right platform”architect behind the United States’ withdrawal from the Paris Agreements, described as one “well-known white supreme leader” of the NAACP, the major civil rights organization.

Tom Van Grieken, Flamingo

In Belgium, the Flemish nationalists in Vlaams Belang are not known for their sense of hospitality. Among these directly linear heirs from cooperative movements during World War II, one of the favorite slogans remains: “French rats, pack up!” An echo of the good old days of the Napoleonic Wars before its creation, in 1830, of this hated Belgium. But beware, there is one exception: Le Pen’s then-daughter has always been received with great fanfare in the northern part of the flat country. Today, Tom Van Grieken, leader of Vlaams Belang: cheers: “With her on the Élysée, it will be a new and better France, but also a new and better Europe. »

In the light of the Belgian parliamentary elections in 2024, Van Grieken’s party will get around 25% in the polls. And the program is written in advance: full alignment with the Flemish employer movement (Voka) against social protection or labor law and, of course, drastic closure of immigration. In their joint goal in Belgium, Le Pen and Van Grieken have also just teamed up in the autumn of 2021 to launch a sister party in Wallonia, subtly called Chez Nous, which the French national rally is even preparing to, according to an announcement, offer “the exclusivity in French-speaking Belgium of the use of its present and former name (National Front), of its acronym and of the symbol representing it, the flame”. But success is far from certain …

André Ventura, arsonist

On the eve of the first round of the French presidential election, André Ventura, deputy and founder, in 2019, of the far-right party Chega (7% of the vote in the parliamentary elections in January), achieved a new feat: On April 9, the National Assembly became his talk of the program of the socialist government, which was in fact just another attack on the gypsy community that had settled in Portugal for centuries, interrupted by the president of the assembly. “I do not understand why gypsies should always be welcomed in this Parliament”, he turns around.

The King of Raw Piruette, this former football commentator on television, specializing in sports predictions based on tarology, was hatched in his country by a small clique of ex-Salazarists from the dustbins of history … and in Europe by Marine Le Pen, who hurried to Lisbon as soon as André Ventura campaigned for the presidency in January 2020. He, who in addition to his racist obsessions, multiplies provocations against women’s rights – he let it hang for months that all Abortion should be accompanied by removal of the ovaries to “avoid any repetition” Pays him well: his choice in France would participate in one “major political restructuring in Europe”, he rejoices from this country where the extreme right had completely disappeared after the Carnation Revolution in 1974. TL

Matteo Salvini, the indelible friend

So far, his party’s services are still rejecting: no, in the next few days no trip to France is on the agenda of Matteo Salvini, former Vice-President of the Council of Ministers of Italy and leader of the League, the far right formation in coalition with Silvio Berlusconi for almost thirty years , but also with former central banker Mario Draghi since last year.

But what does it mean, with or without a selfie in love, the intersecting interests remain: humiliated by a Polish mayor who, in the midst of the Ukrainian refugee crisis, in front of an astonished Salvini for once produced a T-shirt adorned with a portrait of Putin, which he carried a few years earlier in the Red Square, the Italian declares his three-colored flame, the common symbol between the French ex-UN and the Italian Post-Fascist Party (MSI), to Marine Le Pen. “We are delighted with your success and organ grateful for your friendship ”writes him the one who, let us remember, is still being prosecuted in Sicily for “kidnapping” and “abuse of power” after refusing to dock more ships after rescuing migrants in the Mediterranean.

Systematic defender of the French woman with Viktor Orban and the Poles for Law and Justice (PiS), who herself still finds her rare, Matteo Salvini exclaimed in 2016 after the US election: “Long live Trump, long live Putin, long live Le Pen and long live the League!” What to stain today on the candidate’s camouflage uniform. TL

Riikka Purra, ballad agents

Do not call it “Finnish Le Pen” anymore. From now on, it annoys her, Riikka Purra, the president of the True Finns, the far-right party that came to power in Helsinki, became known in the first half of the 2010s, at the head of European hawks for its stubbornness towards imposing austerity measures on Greece. Furthermore, Purra’s predecessor had estimated that the public debt crisis could only be resolved in Athens with the arrival of a “military junta”.

On the general political line, everything agrees with the French RN: the same anti-immigration refrain, full of nauseating disgrace against Muslims in general and Somalis in particular, genetically predisposed to fly. But between the true Finns and the RN, there is now water in Russian gas. Sitting on the same benches in the European Parliament, Riikka Purra and her friends say they are no longer “have no confidence” in Marine Le Pen, which they regard as poutinophile, even poutinolâtre. “The league and the RN are useful idiots in their dealings with Russiacondemns Purra. It is absurd to imagine that Putin’s Russia could be a counterweight useful for the phenomenon of multiculturalism and immigration n mass in Western Europe. »

However, the bridges are not cut, and when hatred spreads towards common goals, the disagreements disappear. MEP Olli Kotro is happy to see Le Pen’s score “so panic” among Finnish political commentators TL

Heinz-Christian Strache, the brown waltz

Le Pen would well tolerate it, one imagines: of his commitments with Austria and his cousins ​​to the FPÖ, which had only taken power in Europe in the late 1990s, it would be necessary to wipe out slate clean. As a good daughter of her father, who had a penchant for the Waffen SS Franz Schönhuber, Marine Le Pen participated in 2012 in Vienna in one of the student congregations’ balls, which is in fact the breeding ground for the offspring of barely painted from the Nazis. A few years later, the leader of the National Rally strengthened his ties to the FPÖ, which returned to power in December 2017, in coalition with Sebastian Kurz’s conservatives, all in his “demonization projects”.

At the time, Austrian Vice-Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache formulated an ultraliberal line in the economy – he increased the working week to 60 hours – while organizing the great diversion with his apocalyptic tone, which condemned a “population change” in Austria. But this meteoric rise broke in May 2019, when “Ibizagate” broke out with the release of a compromising video in which Strache directly orchestrated an attempt at corruption on behalf of Putin’s Russia. A very embarrassing episode that Le Pen’s advisers, in the middle of a joint European campaign at the time, tried to minimize: “We are not sure that M. me Michu, retired to Creuse, knows who Mr Strache is. » TL

Santiago Abascal, newcomers

He, of course, welcomes the leader of the Spanish ultra-right (Vox), the “Good result” by Marine Le Pen in the French presidential election. In his message to the far right candidate, he already pays tribute to a defeat “Progressive globalization that destroys us”. But for him, the real victory in recent days has been the entrance to a coalition with the right wing (PP) for some of the leaders of his party – the first since the birth of the party a few years ago – in the executive branch. of a Spanish region, Castilla y Leon.

Until now, he has camped on a line that Éric Zemmour was partly inspired by – it is no coincidence that Le Pen’s niece, Marion Maréchal, with the help of Abascal’s relatives, opened a branch of his Institute of Political Science – Vox achieves more regional deputy rapporteurs. presidencies, but also an opportunity to put power at the service of its obsessions and whims. Starting with the sabotage of all legislation against gender violence. According to Abascal, who condemns “feminism”, we must abolish all programs against homicide, because they are “sexists” in his eyes and – let’s not laugh, not even yellow – discriminating against men. The same about the climate, a topic where Vox says out loud what Le Pen is quietly thinking: global warming is “history’s biggest scam”.TL

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