Kas Saed was afraid of a demonstration that could jeopardize his project

Abir Moussi: Kas Saed was afraid of a demonstration that could jeopardize his project

Chairman of the Party Destourian available (PDL), Abir Mossyrecalled that his party’s militants participated in sit in anger in front of the headquarters of the Union of Muslim Ulemas on the avenue Kheireddine Pasha in Tunis for 147 days.Some participants in sit in been on hunger strike for three days. There are six people “, she added.

Invited May 9, 2022 by Myriam Belkadhi in the ether Shems FM, Abir Mossy explained that the PDL had sent several letters to previous governments, urging them to block the way to this organization.We started these steps five years ago … We called in 2018 to cancel the holding of a session on religious invitation. We are currently facing this kind of process disguised as a referendum “, she said.

The President of the PDL assured that she had not received an official reply regarding the holding of a march towards the Palace of Carthage on the date of 15 May 2022. She claimed to have sent a letter to the governor of Tunis, Kamel Fekihwhich explains the route and the meeting place. She explained that a person from the police district had expressed the Tunisian authorities’ refusal orally. She explained that the police district refusedaddress an official letter to the Party informing it of this decision.

We do not want to reveal to the world that millions of protesters will turn out to express their disapproval of Kaïs’ decisions. Saied He exploits the false polls of Zargouni He was elected, me too! He interfered in my right to complete my term under the guise of implementing reforms … Kais Saied was afraid of a demonstration that could set in danger his project … We will continue to fight … The new republic could mean a setback in the results of women and rights and freedoms … There is a policy of double standards … We were able to observe the ridiculous gathering on May 8 … There are calls against the PDL “, she said.

Abir Mossy believed that the government Bouden completely ignored the danger of the situation and chose not to react. She explained that the Union of Muslim Ulema continues to organize training sessions and projects. She said members of this organization were present in mosques and other religious associations.Mounira Chakrounrepresentative of the Union of Karadhaouiis also a member of the Council of the National League for the Preservation of the Koran … That daechiens has infiltrated this association … We’re in sit in to push towards the dissolution of the networks created by this organization … The state is not only aware, it is cooperating with this network. The ministries have signed several conventions and agreements with the union of Karadhaoui “, she said.

The chairman of the PDL believed that the extremist bases ofEnnahda accomplished in Kai’s time Saied and Najla Boudenwhich they had not been able to in Rached’s time Ghannouchi. She reminded that the government Mechichi had spread by force the first sit in of the PDL in front of the union headquarters. She considered that too Najla Bouden refused to sue this organization as a series of accusations had been drawn up by the general leadership of associations and political parties.

There is no political will to … The state has appointed a police brigade to aim sit in to 4 hours in the morning to remove a plastic sheet that protects us from heavy rain. We were forbidden the opportunity to have a tent. However, we were able to observe the erection of several tents within the framework of the electronic consultation, which serves to distort the will of the Tunisians … We will continue ours sit in and it is up to the state to bear the consequences … The state will be responsible for the deaths of citizens in order to safeguard the interests of Karadhaoui We call for the dissolution of associations that serve the Islamists! », Did she burst out.

Abir Mossy also called for a ban on the creation of a political party of the former member ofEnnahda, Abdellative Mecca. She confirmed that this political structure will be at the service of the Islamists and the Muslim Brotherhood. The new Republic of Kais Saiedaccording to her, will be of service to daechiansof Hizb ettahrir and the protection leagues of the revolution. She remembered it end Abdellatif As Minister of Health, Mekki had collaborated with the NGO Qatar charity. She assured that the latter’s creation of a party was only a recycling operation.

Abir Mossy explained that the PDL had supported the measures announced on 25 July 2021 until the process was redirected on 22 September 2021. She reaffirmed that the President of the Republic was no longer able to apply Article 80 of the Constitution after the dissolution of the House of Representatives.Kais Saied is aware that if elections are held, the PDL will be in power! This is a real danger to him because he knows we must enforce the law! », she added.

Abir Mossy explained that she brought an action before the Administrative Court to annul the call for candidacy for the independent higher authority for the elections launched by the Interim Judicial Council. It considered that the organizations and associations operating in the sector of election observation and the electoral process should not legitimize the referendum on 25 July. She recalled that the draft of the new constitution has still not been published.


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