Kas Saed, Savior of Tunisia

The situation in Tunisia is changing with the speed of light. Especially in recent days, political life has experienced more twists than the last eight months combined.

Justice has been cleaned up and is finally responding promptly. This is proved by this reaction of the prosecution to the letter of the Minister of Justice. The latter asked him to open an instruction about the deputies who met pretty much last Wednesday. She accuses them of planning against state security. From Thursday, the anti-terror brigade convened the deputies, who unanimously voted in favor of the cancellation of the presidential decrees published since July 25. What is the relationship between the anti-terror brigade and the work of deputies, after all ordinary? We do not know, but there must be a sensible explanation from the prosecution and the Minister of Justice. The fact is, and it must be emphasized, that the prosecution and the brigade are now responding to the quarter turn. It is reassuring for the citizen to know that such institutions are so renewed.

Another institution that shone with its responsiveness, the official printing press of the Official Journal of the Republic of Tunisia (JORT). On Wednesday around 8 pm, the President of the Republic issued a decree to dissolve the Tunisian Parliament. Parliament elected by 2.9 million Tunisians. JORT immediately issued a special edition for this decree. Who imagined, just a few months ago, that there were officials in Tunisia who were able to work at night and be so efficient and responsive?

Of course, the same JORT ignored the law, which was voted the same morning by 116 deputies.

For some time, a new Tunisia has been born. Seeing justice and administration so reactive indicates that the country is on the right track.

All this thanks to whom? To the far-sighted vision of President Kaïs Saïed, who, he keeps repeating, listens to the people and their complaints.

Of course, there are still some stubborn ones, but they will eventually understand the philosophy of Kaïs Saïed. As for the eternal discontent, sin, no one will be able to satisfy them.

What are the next steps? They were announced last night, very late at night, by the President of the Republic.

Upon receipt of the Prime Minister and the Minister of Technology, the Head of State presented the results of the national consultation. A consultation which was a great success with regard to the 535,000 participants. By comparison, the consultation in France five times more populated only one hundred thousand participants. Emrhod’s monthly polls are based on a paltry thousand people. That is to say, how much the 535,000 participants in the national consultation are representative of the Tunisian population.

The eternal discontent, these famous false scholars will tell you that these participants can not be representative because they are not sent to the 24 governors, they are not divided 50% men and 50% women, and they do not represent all social layer. They just did not understand the approach of the Presidency of the Ministry of Technology and the Republic. As for professionals who talk about statistical science and its rules, they should learn from Kaïs Saïed’s new approach, which will sooner or later end up being taught at the largest statistical faculties in the world.

Based on the results of this consultation, the people have shown the way they intend to go. And that’s exactly what the President of the Republic wants to draw.

The election will take place on 17 December as promised. If God wills, of course. The people have expressed their rejection of the parliamentary system. It will therefore be a presidential regime. The 535,000 consultants mostly preferred the method of voting for individuals. Leave the parties. In addition, it must be said in passing that the parties who participated in the coup attempt on Wednesday, March 30, will be declared unfit.

Clearly, Tunisia under Kaïs Saïed will be a true El Dorado. On the program, we will recover all the money stolen by speculators, corrupt and thugs who have used politics to enrich themselves. The jackpot is estimated at 13.5 trillion dinars. We will end up eradicating all the speculators who store flour, semolina and rice in the warehouses. Ditto for those who illegally export drugs to Algeria and Libya.

You will see, Tunisia, under the leadership of Kaïs Saïed and his foresight, will be southern Switzerland, El Dorado, the new destination for emigrants from all over the world.

In the meantime, happy April Fool’s joke to all our readers.

Do not worry, Business News has not turned around, is not yet afraid of the burgeoning dictatorship and the gross manipulation of state institutions. Your newspaper will continue to defend a democratic, secular, anti-Islamist and anti-totalitarian Tunisia. And so much the worse for the naive who believe that an individual who does not distinguish between millions from billions is capable of saving the country.

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