How to arrange a long balcony for spring and summer? 5 mistakes to avoid for a successful modern space

You are among the lucky ones who have a long balcony where it is good to spend the cozy days of spring and summer! But its layout gives you worry and promises to be a real headache? So to avoid mistakes and be successful in setting up your long balcony like a professional, you must first remember the common mistakes you should not make. Which exactly? We fill it in in the following sections!

The 5 mistakes to avoid to create a long balcony without mistakes

how to arrange a spinning balcony spring summer trend 2022 mistakes to avoid

We agree that the long and narrow balcony decor can be quite a difficult task, especially if you are new to this type of decoration. Do not panic !’s editorial staff is always by your side to give you the best tips that will allow you to arrange your appearance for the summer season as a professional. On the program today: the mistakes to avoid decorating a long balcony without mistakes.

omitted plants

how to set up a long balcony without fault steps to avoid outdoor plants

Rule number 1 when you are setting up your long balcony: Lawn has several advantages and makes it possible to decorate the outdoor space in an original and colorful way. Whether it is a tree, a flowering shrub in a balcony pot or spectacular flowering plants, green plays an important role in the balcony decor. Is your space quite limited? So what to do?

long balcony layout mistakes to avoid green wall green plants arrange long balcony

No problem ! The DIY green wall comes to your rescue to turn your balcony into a true green paradise while saving space. What’s more, it will function as an original balcony screen. So roll up your sleeves and embark on a do-it-yourself project that will beautify the space and give it a unique touch of green.

Which outdoor plants should you choose? The list is quite long, but some of the most popular plants include geraniums, begonias, bamboo as well as hanging white flowers for hanging. The latter are a perfect choice for the long balcony decoration as they save space and immaculate flowering.

Do not install a monitor

decoration of long balcony bugs to avoid trends 2022 install a screen arrange a small long balcony

In order to regain your privacy and admire the beautiful days of peace, it is important to protect yourself from the prying eyes of your neighbors. How exactly? Install a balcony screen, of course. Good news: more options are available to you. From potted plants to privacy screens to green walls, including some original designs. It is up to you to choose the installation that best suits the special conditions of your room. A visual display in plastic, bamboo, canvas, textile … the practical and aesthetic solutions are endless.

Arrange a long balcony with unsuitable furniture

spinning balcony layout customized outdoor furniture foldable furniture bugs to avoid trends 2022

Unsuitable furniture, what exactly does it mean? When it comes to narrow and long balcony decor, it is essential to choose furniture that adapts perfectly to the dimensions of the outdoor space. Better to give preference to those that bend easily so you can quickly clear the surface if necessary. Space optimization is another important point to consider. In addition to foldable furniture, other practical options are available to you. Think, for example. on the integrated benches, as well as the tables, which are attached directly to your balustrade of relief. So you can both save space and customize the furniture as you wish.

Finally, relaxation furniture is the last item that should not be taken lightly. If you have so much space, then incorporate the hammock and hammock – Zen effect guaranteed! Do not forget to check if your furniture is specially designed for outdoor use, and do not neglect the decorative pillows available in fresh colors that smell good on sunny days.

Neglect light sources

landscaping a long balcony bug to avoid trends 2022 lanterns LED candles light garland landscaping spinning balcony

Arranging a long balcony for spring and summer also means installing light sources to help you transform the exterior into a true cocooning and romantic space. Must-have items include light string, LED candles, outdoor sconces, lanterns and so on. These elements add a cozy touch to your balcony, whose decor will surely strike a chord with your guests.

Do not protect the balcony from the rain

decoration balcony spinning rain protection glass curtains decoration balcony spinning trend 2022

Here is the last very common mistake to avoid when planning a long and narrow balcony! To protect it from the rain, you can choose between retractable fabric awnings, exterior blinds, glass curtains, etc.

How to arrange a long balcony for spring and summer?  5 mistakes to avoid for a successful modern space

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