Which smartphone should one give to a senior?

The ultra-sophisticated smartphones on the market are difficult to handle for seniors. Once you have lived most of your life without these devices that have invaded our pockets and our lives, it’s hard to take the plunge and discover the potential of the web on the go. This observation is particularly emphasized by a study led by the Swedish company Doro, a leader in the manufacture of telephones for the elderly. According to her, a Only a third of those over 65 who own a mobile phone have chosen a smartphone: the devices are considered to be too complex and it is enough for them to access the internet from the computer. However, it is a suitable phone a great way to stay connected loved ones, to monitor their health or to have fun.

To take your first steps

It is not easy to use the applications offered by smartphone application stores. Side portable do not rhyme on uselesshere is a selection of phones that go to the essentials.

Doro 7080:

Who said the tilt phone was outdated? that Doro 7080 should satisfy seniors who do not need or want to have a laptop that looks like a real headache. Exit the touch keyboard, not very suitable for acquisition of a first telephonehere the keys are actually tangible, distributed and contrasting to facilitate the writing of messages and calls.

There is also no question of accumulating icons that do not make sense. The Doro 7080 has a magical touch: the shortcut. With the latter, it is possible to access the camera with a single click, enough to immortalize the grandchildren’s birthday in complete relaxation. Always with simplicity in mind, the laptop interface is designed for provide direct access to basic functions such as calling, viewing pictures or sending a message.

Orange offer : from 17 euros when ordering (then 3 euros per month for 24 months) at this time instead of 27 euros or paid at once to 89 euros instead of 99 euros.

To communicate without interference

With age, visual and / or hearing strength may tend to decrease. But there is no reason to be thrown aside.

Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G :

that Galaxy A52s 5G has a specificity: its screen is particularly wide. Judge for yourself: with 6.5 inches in Full HD +, this phone offers great visual comfort. But beyond its large size, Galaxy A52s 5G offers accent colors and specially crafted blacks. Bonus: the grip is comfortable and manageable despite its large size.

Orange offer : from 1 euro with Orange fixed price offer.

Orange Hapi 12 :

In addition to being suitable for people using a mobile for the first time, it is Orange Hapi 12 provides great hearing comfort. Features HD voice technology implemented on the Orange 3G network, this phone will allow hearing impaired people to hear and be heard without difficulty. Orange Hapi 12 offers an unprecedented sense of closeness thanks to its crystal clear sound as if your interlocutor was right next door. Practice !

Orange offer : 39 euros

For special help

Old age sometimes rhymes with loss of autonomy and handicap. Here, too, suitable devices are available.

Doro 8062:

that Doro 8062 offers an experience perfectly suited to seniors with disabilities. In addition to a hassle-free grip, this model stands out with its emergency button. The latter is located on the back of the device and can therefore be used without having to unlock it. If enabled, this shortcut will allow you to easily and quickly alert a loved one or anyone else predefined number with the app My Doroas well as specifying the location of the mobile phone in real time.

Orange offers: from 1 euro with Orange fixed price offer.

For the most connected

For the most curious and well connected of seniors, here is the ideal smartphone.

Crosscall Core-X4 :

Robust, wide and practical Crosscall Core-X4 is the perfect smartphone for those for whom retirement should not rhyme on slippers. Camera 48MP FUSION4 usable even in the middle of the night, resistance to extreme temperatures, X-Safe application from Crosscall in case of emergency, mobile payment with Orange Bank … A real digital Swiss army knife that will follow you in all your explorations!

Orange offer : from 1 euro with Orange fixed price offer.

And your orange, what are you doing?

To make sure the smartphone offered at Christmas is well used, Orange has thought of everything. To democratize the use of the phone and more generally screens, the group has launched its digital workshops.

These free initiations to be performed on-site or away from home are great ways for seniors to learn how to use their device. To move forward, these new kinds of courses also provide keys to deepening their knowledge of the digital world by giving them the opportunity to learn e.g. basics about social media or them from WhatsApp. Keeping in touch with the whole family is easy.

To find out more, go to here.

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