What new profitable business is to open in 2020? Profitable business idea

Last year, the French Franchise Federation (FFF) listed 1,976 franchise networks and around 74,102 points of sale with a turnover of 59.55 billion euros. If there are large mature networks particularly well-established such as McDonald’s, Burger King, Speedy, Jeff de Bruges or Body’minute, new brands are launched every year that give project managers great development opportunities. Discover four promising networks recruiting their future franchisees.

Restaurant idea opens in 2020

Fast food is one of the hottest industries in the franchise world. Last year, the fast food chains experienced a growth of 1.9 per cent. There are about 200 franchise companies established in this activity sector. Among the recent arrivals to France, project managers may be interested in a network that is a hit in Canada, its country of origin.

which company is to be opened in 2020

Copper branch was born in North America in 2012. This concept stands out from other fast food brands by offering a 100% plant-based menu consisting of healthy and natural foods. To get started, you must make a personal contribution of 120,000 euros.

Alternative fast food franchises. Signs offering kitchens from all over the world are evolving successfully. We can mention Phood, Fresh Burritos, Nachos …

Among the new profitable companies: electrical stimulation

The fitness market is booming in France. Over the last ten years, the sector’s turnover has increased by 20% to reach 2.5 billion euros last year. In addition to the traditional gyms, there are new players using technology that allows for 20 minutes of coaching to achieve the equivalent of four hours of muscle contraction. Already well-established in Germany, this active electrical stimulation market has begun to gain ground in France with brands that have chosen the franchise to intervene in the area faster.

which profitable business is to open in 2020

BODYHIT thus heads 25 centers and aims to open 20 new units next year. The benefit for entrepreneurs who want to get started: an affordable entry ticket, as the recommended personal contribution is 20,000 euros for a turnover that can reach 250,000 euros after two years of activity.

Alternative franchise brands: My Big Bang, Iron Bodyfit or Action Sport but also more traditional centers oriented towards a low-cost offer such as Fitness Park.

Business idea to open: a tea room

If there is one sector that continues to be underdeveloped in the field of franchising, it is the tea rooms. Thus, there are coffee bar brands, fast food players, but few players placed on the tea room activity.

Pleasure at any time has just begun its development as a franchise, and thus offers very good opportunities for establishment throughout France. So far, the concept is present in two pilot units in Cannes and Nice in the South of France. The advantage of this concept: to offer a catering offer in a cozy and warm environment for all the gourmet moments of the day with a certain profitability, as the advances on tea are quite significant.

Franchise options: ETIENNE Coffee & Shop, Illycaffè, Le Club Sandwich Café …

The new real estate companies

Real estate attracts many employees in professional retraining, but also real estate agents who want to take advantage of the expertise and commercial methods of the large networks. In this market, there are transaction and network specialists working with proxy agents. Some brands are able to innovate in this area by offering a differentiating offer, such as Keymex.

Keymexactually offers an innovative economic model that adapts to the developments that are gaining ground in the sector. Thus, unlike other real estate agents, a Keymex center brings together three areas of activity: a center dedicated to transactions, a business center, and a training center. The network’s pilot center was opened in 2016, and the brand is now focusing on developing franchises with one ambition: to open ten new franchises in 2019, then twelve a year in the following years. For now, the brand has already signed five franchise contracts. The benefits of Keymex: an impressive turnover for the real estate sector. Thus, in year 3, the pilot center will achieve a turnover of approximately 3.4 million euros with a net profit of approximately 500,000 euros. And the opportunity for the franchisee to work with a reduced team. For a sales force of 80 to 100 advisers, the management team thus consists of only three employees, who make their know-how and interpersonal competencies available to the dealers.

Franchise options: Côté Particuliers, SAFTI, Argo, Arthurimmo.com etc.

Open your franchise with a promising concept!

Franchise Keymex France
Keymex France

The future of real estate starts here

Contribution € 200,000

BODYHIT Franchise

The French leader in personal coaching and electrical stimulation | COVID situation: The network is open

Contribution € 30,000

Easy business idea – profitable and profitable in 2020?

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This type of question quite often pops up in the mouths of the franchise candidates we receive. Nevertheless, we warn these candidates not to rush headlong into the first slightly trendy concept, which quickly seems to be paying off. It is important to keep in mind that the franchise agreement should be seen as a marriage that should last for several years. We therefore invite you to think carefully about the future of the concept and the market trend (business framework / legal framework).

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