Use video to boost your business

Video has become an indispensable communication tool. A video must inform but also capture the public, so that the internet user with a few clicks shares it and that it is seen by as many people as possible.

Using the audiovisual tool to showcase your business is an effective way to achieve your goal.

As the well-known proverb says, it is often said that a picture says more than a thousand words. In the age of social networks, it is no longer an opportunity for any self-respecting company to communicate and make itself visible. Of course, with exceptions, it goes without saying that people remain much more sensitive to visual expressions than to text. To maximize its potential for appeal, making a professional film remains an asset. Provided you take note of certain advice which should under no circumstances be neglected.

No need to be a camera professional …

You do not have to be an expert in framing and editing to make a corporate video. With the technological means at our disposal today, as well as the mass of information and tutorials that are visible on the web, you do not need to invest much to make your corporate film. Very often, a simple digital camera (if the quality gets better over time than some cameras) and a tripod will do just fine.

… But plan a good preparation!

If, on the other hand, you do not have to be a technical professional, you must of course master the substance of the subject. Your professional video will only have an impact if it has been thought through in advance and the message you want to convey has been well translated through the images. There is no point in realizing this without taking the time to design a framework to feed the idea that runs through your head. Admittedly, at the moment you have to get funds to be able to make a mini-film, but that does not mean that you have to throw yourself into the fight with body and soul without taking the time to think about it.

Assume a professional tone and approach

The most important thing in this exercise lies both in the visual translation of an understandable message and in the production of a short film of the correct quality, all to avoid giving an amateur image of you and your community. In particular, use a stabilizer (Steadycam) as well as HDV picture quality to ensure the sharpness of the recordings. Vary the approaches to the material, come up with comments and interviews to give the film energy. The effort remains significant because a false step can very quickly cause you to lose all professional credibility, especially in a society where bad buzz flourishes and is shared at the speed of light!

Go straight to the point!

As a general rule, a video that is too long will not affect or attract a large number of people. Be brief, precise and to the point. A 2 minute clip is ideal. Explain who you are, what your company makes or produces and what you specifically bring to your customers. If possible, add humor, even audacity. The emotions aroused in the viewer will be tenfold and he would like to share with his peers. This is how your virality will grow and your film can be disseminated galore on social media.

Give a clear message

Your message should be understood by everyone after the first impression. What you want to express must be in one sentence and must be immediately perceived by the viewer. If not, you will probably flop. To know if the reception from the public will be good, do some tests! Do a survey of some of your employees and observe their reactions. If these are not what you expected, take their comments into account and start editing again.

Multiply the distribution points

Once your professional clip has been produced, you are sure of the relevance of its content because you have seen it a large number of times and you want it to be visible to as many people as possible. Here is the step where you must not walk with dead hands. Now is the time to “water” all the existing platforms to develop virality around your corporate film. Social networks, your website, email campaigns and especially online video hosting sites: all will be your assets to communicate your message to as many people as possible.

There is no secret: the more you diversify the visibility of your audiovisual creation on the Internet, the more likely it is that a large number of people will see it and abide by your message or product. Specialized platforms like YouTube remain your best asset in this sense because they provide you with a simple hypertext link to share or integrate across the web. Effective.

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