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“Les Glorieuses”, feminist media that earns a “girlboss” “, the title of the study on Arrest on images (ASI), published on December 9. The” girlboss “in question is Rebecca Amsellen, the founder of the portfolio of feminist newsletters” Les Glorieuses “, whose leitmotif is” post- capitalism “and the promotion of others more” inclusive “and” degenerate “. young entrepreneur for 33 years advocates unpaid overtime, scandalous remuneration, tasks to be performed at the manager’s personal expense … All sprinkled with a strange mix of genres, “Les Glorieuses” turns out to be more of a communication box, sponsored by L’Oréal, an alternative journalism.

“Girlboss” by Terror

Anne *, 24, just testified about Arrêt sour pictures of her overtime at Gloria Media, the production box behind the newsletters. She was recruited as a freelancer in September 2020 and has come across L’Oréal’s financial investment in the weekly. She also refuses to attend a luncheon hosted by the company, eager, according to the article, to maintain her journalistic independence. She was hired in January 2021 and is particularly responsible for the launch of the new letter “Impact”, led by Gloria Media. The experience escapes. ” Create partnerships, establish budgets, write briefs, feed social networks, participate in communication about the project, recruit freelancers around the world despite indecent pay, develop the financial model for the newsletter … “, She lists. These many tasks will make the most of his enthusiasm. Exhausted by the workload, she resigned after a month.

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A hectic pace, which Esther Thirty, 26 today, also condemns, who was the first intern employed by “Les Glorieuses”, before she regularly collaborated with the media from 2017 to 2018. First, pay 537 euros a month, then she has to place herself under the status of auto-entrepreneur to fulfill the functions of assistant ” American style in the service of her boss Rebecca Amsellem.

If the entrepreneur does not remember this expression and indicates with Freeze Frame to have ” suggested Esther Thiry learn all the gears by creating a business so she could do it herself later if she wanted to “, Another former Gloria Media intern, feminist activist Anne Toumazoff, testified in a long twitter thread, having had the same role as the protector of “Glorious”. In particular, she describes the time when Rebecca Amsellem where [leur] ran after it outside in front of everyone because it was unprofessional to go and eat (13.30, [elle était] at work since kl. 7) “or” the times when from [son] second day, Rebecca Amsellem [lui] asked to run through Paris for [ses] only breaks (for lunch) to bring things back to it and that because [elle devait] to be for her “an American-style assistant” “. According to several of the interviewees, Rebecca Amsellem justified the overload of her employees by explaining that” feminism does not stop at 6 p.m. “.

Louie Media and its “feminist storytelling”

The case of Rebecca Amsellem is not isolated. In July 2021, Telerama reveals the management methods of Louie Media, a podcast study founded by Charlotte Pudlowski and Mélissa Bounoua in 2018. These two journalists tell the weekly about the creation of their project and write in an e-mail that they wanted to do “ “sensitive” podcasts “and” stories that touch people “. The content that Louie offers highlights intimate and feminine stories, deals with incest and questions the construction of our emotions. Their employment criteria also correspond to an inclusive desire. Always at Teleramathe two founders explain that they are ” employed “and” it can be seen in [leurs] recruitment choices “.” With equal competencies, we choose the person who has had the least privileges; we try to fight our prejudices in favor of this or that diploma, to flush out our hidden prejudices “, Explains Charlotte Pudlowski.

The other side of the decor is much less ingenious. The weekly reports that over the course of three years of existence, twenty people have been employed by the company, nine of whom left it quickly, even quickly. Iris Ouedraogo, journalist and production manager for Louie Media for five months, describes constant stress. ” We were exhausted, with impossible deadlines. During this period, when I returned home, I did nothing, I cried “, she says.

While its founders remember the role of the Covid-19 pandemic ” which has created suffering situations in almost all companies “, The evidence gathered shows that these dysfunctions already existed before the health crisis. In May 2018, two months after the launch of the company, a young journalist, Adélie Pojzman-Pontay, was hired full-time. The first times are ideal. His CDD quickly takes the road to a CDI. But when she warns her employers that she is consulting a lawyer with a view to signing the contract, they call her: ” Mélissa and Charlotte shouted at me for an hour and a quarter and asked me how I had dared to have my rights re-read, pointing out my “twisted mind” The contract will finally be signed, but the moral harassment she would have been a victim of – and as witnessed by seven of her colleagues – will force her to leave the studio in September 2019.

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From the launch, Louie Media was at the heart of the disagreement between its founders. In the masculine because a third accomplice was originally part of the adventure. Alexandre Mognol, author-sounding director, was associated with Charlotte Pudlowski and Mélissa Bounoua. His position was to be deputy director of the study. Functions to which 33% of the shares in the company were to be added. His two accomplices will finally only offer him a salaried position and a 5% shareholding. What he denies before he definitely leaves the project. ” After sharing my ideas for realization, working methods and making the first recordings in my home studio for seven months, they would finally let me stand next to them, just before they signed the bylaws Says Alexandre Mognol. ” We realized that Alex and we did not share the same vision on crucial topics, such as the role and economy of the media, business strategy, feminism “, Meanwhile, Charlotte Pudlowski believes. Clear, ” feminist storytelling worked much better if the company was launched by two women, as Charlotte Pudlowski would have phrased in front of a former collaborator.

Lauren Bastide and her “Powder” in the eyes

In mid-October, it was our colleagues from Mediapart’s turn to condemn the uncertainty and over-exploitation of “ podcast staff The second part specifically attacks the journalist and co-founder of the Nouvelles Listening studio Lauren Bastide, for whom she created the podcast “La Poudre”, which involves feminist personalities. While she claims tackle the roots of sexist discrimination and gender stereotypes – she also has a master’s degree in gender studies from the University of Paris-VIII – this former editor-in-chief of the magazine She accused, like his partner Julien Neuville, of not paying, or very little, his writers. And that despite very militant attitudes. Even worse, the online media reported that “La Poudre” had benefited from a literary adaptation without any of those involved in the audio tracks having been paid.

Enough to provoke Amandine Gay’s rage, one of the supposedly cheated creators: ” The people who run the podcast studios are all white, upper middle class or middle class. They have strategies, they know how much they can sell a book, and they manage to exploit the work in the most precarious fringes of feminist, anti-racist, disabled, and queer circles. The media party nonetheless recalls that most of the alleged victims of the Bastide system appear to come from a privileged background.

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In the wake of these allegations, Lauren described Bastide – who described the feminism she defends as ” anti-colonial, anti-capitalist, anti-racist, it can not be imagined without a fight for the rights of the disabled, without equality for all LGBTQ people “, short as” radical and revolutionary – resigned from the board of the collective of feminist journalists “Prenons la Une”. At least one consistency in this pseudo-revolutionary mess.

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