these Android and iOS applications are currently free, take advantage of them fast!

Every week our colleagues are from NextPit find you a selection of good plans in new technologies. We’ll share with you what they’ve been up to lately. This time it’s free mobile apps and games for iOS and Android systems. Basically, these are chargeable, so you should take advantage of this promotion, which is only temporary, at all costs. Discover the applications in question inApple App Store and Google Play Store.

These Android and iOS apps are free … for now!

The list of free applications is checked weekly, Tuesdays and Saturdays. In addition, it is possible that the information in this article has changed in the meantime. In any case, we can still give you an overview of the latest promotions. In the party, there will necessarily still be applications and games that are still free. We start with Android, then iOS, are you ready to make your shopping list? Thanks to our colleagues from NextPit for the information!

What are the temporarily free Android apps in the Google Play Store?

  • Phone Booster Pro – Force Stop (€ 9.99): this tool improves the performance of your laptop in terms of speed or battery life.
  • Game Booster GFX Tool Fire (0.99 €) : thanks to this application you get more power to play on your phone.
  • KryptoHelp (0.79 €) : This is a very useful, fast and secure encryption application. It can be used as a second layer on other existing or future applications.
  • Conversations (Jabber / XMPP) (3.49 €) : A Jabber / XMPP instant messaging service for Android that supports encryption, video calling …

What are the temporarily free Android games in the Google Play Store?

  • Princess corner (0.99 €) : in this application the goal will be to rescue a princess kidnapped by monsters.
  • Neo monsters (€ 0.59) : It’s an adventure game where you visit worlds, avoid tall grass, capture and attack monsters.
  • Word Connect PRO (€ 1.99) : If you love puns, try this one right away.
  • Dead Bunker 2 HD (€ 0.59) : It’s a 3D shooting game where you have to attack zombies.

What are the temporarily free iOS apps in the Apple App Store?

  • PhotoBot – Automated selfies (€ 5.49) : With this application, you no longer have to touch your phone or press a button to take a picture. This tool actually takes 10 pictures in a row according to a timer defined upstream.
  • stability (€ 10.99) : stress is the scourge of our time. With this service you will have a collection of very effective tools for meditating, calming your mind and working with your emotions.
  • Syntronics (€ 16.99) : this application allows you to turn your iPhone or iPad into 17 classical musical synthesizers. Plus, with 37 special effects and 50 instrument presets.
  • Note Writer Pro (€ 8.99) : this tool allows you to write your notes, edit them, format them and export them in text documents. All this from your mobile phone. You can also comment, save to PDF and edit with Apple Pencil.
  • bedtime | Wide clock (€ 1.09) : as the name of this application indicates, it shows the time in very large letters on your screen. Very simple, but so convenient!

What are the temporarily free iOS games in the Apple App Store?

  • Warlord’s classic strategy (€ 5.49) : It’s an 18-card app with the ability to play multiplayer matches. The goal is to take the opponents’ cities.
  • Match attack! (€ 2.29) : a classic match-maker game that will drive you crazy because there is a wealth of modes and a difficult level.
  • Neo monsters (€ 0.59) : it’s the Pokemon clone.
  • The sandbox planet (€ 7.99) : it’s a kind of world simulator where you place celestial c * rps and you will see them exchange.
  • Find (€ 2.29) : This adventure game has a minimalist setting. You will have to solve challenges and puzzles to get to know the story.

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