The Saed clan in the footsteps of Nidaa Toune

Every month during Ramadan, Tunisians are entitled to a series of television dramas that are the subject of all discussions. For 2022, in addition to these fictions, we were treated to a “soap Facebook” between the members of the clan by President Kaïs Saïed.

It is nothing extraordinary, it is often the case, it happens in spheres of power, where apparatchiks engage in battles against daggers that are drawn to get as close as possible to the sphere of power.

Do not bring your popcorn, however, because the battle between the Saïed clan members does not look like anything some might have seen in “House of Cards” or “Designated Survivor”.

Here, the actors have nothing to do with Kevin Spacey or Kiefer Sutherland, they are named Riadh Jerad, Taoufik Charfeddine, Néjib Dziri or Nadia Akacha. They are from the same family as Hafedh Caïd Essebsi, Sofiène Toubel, Youssef Chahed and Mohsen Marzouk. Each era has its own soap …

In 2016, we saw Mohsen Marzouk tear himself apart with Hafedh Caïed Essebsi within the presidential party Nidaa Tounes. After several incredible episodes, Mr. Marzouk ended up throwing the towel in the ring to create his own Machroûu Tounes party.

In 2017, we saw Youssef Chahed’s camp tear itself apart with the same Hafedh Caïd Essebsi resulting in a genuine false war on corruption, whose only truly spectacular act was the arrest of Chafik Jarraya. In 2018, the struggle reached its climax to the point where the former head of government pressured the former head of government to publicly complain about the leader of Nidaa Tounes during a speech on public television that has remained in the annals. Together with his friend Nabil Karoui, Hafedh Caïd Essebsi pays him back with shows on Nessma TV.

Youssef Chahed ends up throwing the towel in the ring a few months later to make his own Tahya Tounes party. As for Nabil Karoui, he ended up arguing with his friend Hafedh and also set up a party, Qalb Tounes.

Other 2015 winners who struggled to position themselves did the same and also created “party trillions”. This is the case with Salma Elloumi, Saïd Aydi and Néji Jelloul.

In the 2019 election, and not surprisingly, Nidaa Tounes, Tahya Tounes and Machroûu Tounes all broke their necks. Qalb Tounes, on the other hand, withdrew from the game thanks to an extraordinary combination of circumstances. Youssef Chahed threw Nabil Karoui in jail, “sacrificing and heroizing” the latter.

By the “grace of his children,” Nidaa Tounes was thrown into the dustbin of history when he jumped to the top five years earlier. As for the actors, they are getting better. Youssef Chahed, Nabil Karoui and Hafedh Caïed Essebsi are “refugees” in Paris. The others, all the others, can no longer make themselves heard by anyone and do not appear in any poll. The president, for his part, has just passed away, leaving dust and desolation. Rest in peace, he was responsible for much in the debacle and disagreement of his “children.”

For the 2022 soap, the fight is not fought around a party, as the president of the republic does not officially have one, it is fought around hypothetical support committees for Kaïs Saïed. We are much more in the virtual, it is much less exciting with much less charismatic actors.

The pot has been bubbling for a few weeks now. Yesterday, Monday, April 25, we were treated to a bang with an inflammatory Facebook post by Nadia Akacha, former chief of staff for the president, who sends a “right” to Interior Minister Taoufik Charfeddine. With a polished encyclopedia, she accuses him of being unworthy.

That was enough to make the members of the Charfeddine clan angry at the lady on the various Facebook pages. They insult her, they lend her sexual relations with the Tunisian ambassador to Manama, and they accuse her of being a traitor. It’s low, you say? Yes, otherwise it would not be a soap!

As with Nidaa Tounes, the majority of the attacks are carried out by anonymous individuals (cowardice has always characterized neophyte apparatchiks), but there are still a few suicide bombers who openly attack. This is the case with Néjib Dziri, who managed to have a platform on IFM radio. This quadra calls on the President to dismiss all the persons named Nadia Akacha in the administration and purge of the Palace of Carthage for all its sources of information.

To outbid, Ahmed Chaftar declares that the lady did not deserve her position in Carthage, that her reading of the political situation is out of the question, that she was a simple civil servant, and that she never had any influence.

The second camp (the one of Akacha) also has its kamikazes unfolding with their faces uncovered. The most famous is named Riadh Jrad, a 20-year-old with an oversized ego who is totally unknown to the political world and who makes exploits in the form of public sycophancy. This one he managed to get a platform on TV “la 9” belonging to the businessman Jenayeh.

For the past few days, Riadh Jrad has attacked the Charfeddine camp through his Facebook page and swears to the great gods that he will tell the whole truth to the great Tunisian people.

The reason for these Facebook flights of the “child”? Taoufik Charfeddine dismisses, one by one, the persons appointed by Ms. Akacha. The dismissal of the governor of Sousse, Raja Trabelsi on March 29, was hard for him to swallow.

But the most serious fact that justifies Jrad’s attack on Charfeddine is that the latter continued with the demolition of anarchic structures in Sousse, some of which belong to the Jenayeh family.

To hear the members of this camp on social networks, the Minister of the Interior is also “guilty” of appointing regional delegates who do not belong to the members of the Saïed Support Committee. Even worse, he is accused of having even appointed Islamists and members of the radical Islamist party Al Karama to these positions.

Immediate copy of the Charfeddine clan. Yesterday, a gogo on one of the pages related to him (the sulfur-containing Hasdrubal who shows up from time to time) released a video to swear to his great gods that the interior minister is not responsible for these dubious appointments. According to him, there are shortcomings in the system of the Minister, and the latter, again according to this stranger, signs only the appointments submitted to him.

Argumentation hard to swallow? We warned you we’re in a Tunisian soap, not in the “House of Cards”. Here, the bigger it is, the more it passes.

In all this chakchouka, to the family clan, is added the young Minister of Social Affairs Malek Zahi, who according to rumors about the corridors does not appear to be on the same wavelength as his colleague from the Interior Ministry. .

How will things develop in the future? It’s not hard to guess. Kaïs Saïed’s entourage will experience the same fate as their predecessors from Nidaa Tounes.

Already, Nadia Akacha has packed up to seek refuge in Paris with her family.

Jrad and Dziri will not even be recorded in the dustbins of history, they are like these Kleenex that decompose all by themselves in the atmosphere.

In light of the many accusations that his opponents are preparing for him, Taoufik Charfeddine will end up in court or as a refugee abroad.

Kaïs Saïed’s support committee will implode when Nidaa Tounes imploded.

As for Kaïs Saïed, Tunisian history has shown that one never leaves the palace in Carthage unscathed. Béji Caïd Essebsi left him with his feet first, Moncef Marzouki hated, Habib Bourguiba was sent away to a golden prison and Zine El Abidine Ben Ali sought refuge in Saudi Arabia, where he died.

Raouf Ben Hedi

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