The magic trick to unlock your phone if you’ve lost your password

For Android phones: Google helps

You just found an old phone, but you do not remember the password to use it? Do not panic. In fact, today’s phones offer several ways to protect themselves from other users via codes in numbers, in letters, in drawings. Even better, facial or fingerprint recognition provides even more effective protection. But as part of the code, if you forget it, you will not be able to use your property either. But Google helps you if you have an Android phone.

In this case, use the Google Find My Device feature, which allows you to remotely reset your phone. Since the device is reset, a code is no longer set to unlock the phone. Start by checking that your smartphone is turned on and connected to the data network or Wi-Fi (even without the code, you can manage this). Then you need a computer. Sign in to your Google Account. Please note that this must be the same as the one on the phone. Once logged in, from the Find My Device main screen, click the icon that shows the phone. You have three options: Play audio, Lock device and Reset device. It is this last point that interests us.

Click on this last link and confirm the request. The device is reset and therefore restarted. Therefore, you will need to restart the configuration of the device, which is empty of all previous data. That’s the problem: you’re losing your data on your device. But having a Google Account allows you to quickly recover all your photos, for example.

For iPhones: The cloud helps you

You just found your old iPhone, and once again, a simple forgotten code prevents you from using it. Do not panic, there is a solution as for Android phones. The simplest way is also similar to the one mentioned above: to delete this famous code, it is advisable to reset iPhone remotely using the cloud. Again, all the data it contains will be deleted. But you can use it. How so?

First, go to the iCloud website. You will be asked to sign in with your Apple IDs. This should logically be the same ID used on the iPhone. Click Find iPhone on the main web screen. It is up to you to find the iPhone you want to reset. A map shows you the current location of your phone. A box located at the top left allows you to view additional options. Just click Reset iPhone suggestion. You will be prompted to unlock your Apple ID to complete the operation.

Your phone can therefore be used and as with Android smartphones you need to start the configuration again. You lose all your data but you can find it in the cloud. They are just no longer stored in the device itself. But you have at least one working, more locked phone.

Face recognition … with the mask!

Telephone manufacturers have marked the occasion by offering face recognition. The phone recognizes its user and unlocks just by seeing their face. It is as simple as it is effective and it provides real protection. You are sure, unlike code, that you will never forget your face.

But now that has changed with the covid-19 pandemic. For long months we lived with… masks. Enough to make face recognition impossible for bad phones that no longer recognize anyone. So you had to constantly lower your mask outside your home to unlock your phone. But the producers worked in their corner and eventually suggested an improvement: now, Apple phones recognize users, even with masks. A big step forward for all those who continue to wear them at work, or with a view to the mask coming into force again with a new obligation to wear it.

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