Shine launches its Business offer with 2 bank cards included

Shine, the neo-bank dedicated to entrepreneurs, is launching a brand new Business offering designed to make life easier for entrepreneurs. This offer is the most complete of the Shine series. It allows professionals to have multiple professional bank cards and access premium banking services. What is this new professional banking offer? How does it compare to its competitors? Here are some answers!

A new, more comprehensive business formula

Expanding its offering to best meet the needs of its professional clients, that’s what Shine e has done.n launches its brand new Business offering which allows professionals to has multiple commercial bank cards. A service that was lacking from the ranks of the neobank dedicated to professionals. The Shine offers did not actually allow ordering more bank cards and the banking services remained quite limited.

With the Business Offer, Shine offers a more comprehensive banking packageincluding several bank cards and a number free banking services more important. A new step for Shine, who will be able to attract a new type of clientele and meet the needs of small businesses has several partners.

The business offer in detail

business card

Shine’s new Business offer available for 26.90 € / month excluding VAT is a banking package that includes:

  • a current account;
  • 2 Mastercard Business World debit cards;
  • a French IBAN;
  • up to 5 users;
  • 100 free transfers and direct debits per month (thereafter 0.40 € / transfer excluding VAT);
  • 4 free check payments per month;
  • payment ceiling: 20,000 euros per. week;
  • withdrawal limit: 2,500 euros per week;
  • access to priority support 7 days a week.

The Pro Business account offer also includes various insurances and guaranteessuch as the accident guarantee which allows you to be compensated with 100 euros per day upon admission, the telephone security which covers 1 screen break per year and a material protection which doubles the manufacturer’s guarantee at the time of purchase.

Shine’s ultra-complete Business Pro offerings primarily aimed at smaller companieswith few employees and at least 2 partners, who each need a professional credit card. Available for all legal statuses accepted by Shine (SAS, SARL, EIRL, micro-enterprises, etc.), Shine’s pro Business account offerings are characterized by its attractive priceespecially compared to the similar offer from neobank Qonto, available at € 29 per. month.

Comparison of premium offers from professional neobanks
Banks Rate amount of cards Advantage
Shine premium professional credit card
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Business offer of 26.90 € / month 2 Mastercard Business World debit cards included
  • Up to 5 members
  • 4 withdrawals included / month
  • 100 transfers and direct debits included / month
Qonto premium professional credit card
Select this card
Standard offer for 29 € / month 2 Mastercard cards + 2 virtual cards
  • Up to 5 members
  • 100 transfers and direct debits / month
  • 10 redeem checks
Professional premium credit card N26
Select this card
Business Metal offer of € 16.90 / month 1 metal Mastercard business card
  • Free payment in all currencies
  • 8 free payouts / month
  • Travel insurance included
Revolut premium professional credit card
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Development offer for 25 € / month 1 metal Visa card
  • Up to 10 employees
  • Free payments to Revolut accounts
  • 10 free international payments

Shine’s other banking packages

Shine is a neobank dedicated exclusively to professionals, offering offers tailored to the needs of small businesses, entrepreneurs and freelancers. Like all neobanks, it offers a service full control of smartphone and easy account opening in minutes.

Shine offers banking packages for micro-enterprises with:

  • The basic offer for € 3.90 including tax per. month;
  • The premium offer for € 9.90 including tax per. month;
  • the micro-enterprise creation package for € 34.90.

Companies can subscribe to the following banking packages:

  • The basic offer for € 7.90 including tax per. month;
  • The premium offer for € 14.90 including tax per. month;
  • the capital contribution package to € 119;
  • the company’s creation package for € 238.

Comparison of banking offers from pro neobanks

Many neobanks now offer banking offers dedicated to professionals, and it is sometimes difficult to navigate between the many offers and services! here is a quick comparison of banking offers for professionals.

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