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Igor Gotesman, director of the French series Family Business, is also an actor and screenwriter. On the occasion of the release of the new Netflix comedy, AlloCiné was able to ask him a few questions about his career and his new creation. Portrait.

It was in the film Deux vies plus une with Gérard Darmon that Igor Gotesman began his career in cinema as an actor. S

Without knowing it, this first meeting between the two actors marks the beginning of a beautiful film story.

I worked with him again on the Castings series on Canal +, which I co-wrote with Pierre Niney, where I played the casting director. Gérard Darmon had kindly come to visit several episodes “says Igor Gotesman.

More than 10 years later, the director leaves him one of the lead roles in Family Business, his first comedy series stamped Netflix.

From actor to director

After directing and writing screenplays for several short films, Igor Gotesman released his first film Five in 2016. Alongside his actors and friends Pierre Niney and François Civil, he managed to direct a very funny comedy while playing a role in front the camera.

The feature film tells the story of a group of friends who move into a roommate. To pay the rent, one of them finds himself forced to engage in the cannabis trade, a business that turns out to be much more complex than he had imagined!

Canal Studio

Igor Gotesman in five

This year, the director is back with a new creation on this theme. Family Business tells the story of the Hazan family’s adventures as they go from kosher butcher to weed seller.

For Igor Gotesman, cannabis has a role to play “particle accelerator” in his comedies, and he enjoys watching characters who have nothing to do with this environment, gradually sink into crazy mishaps: “I’m not a common smoker, I do not glorify it either. I just find it interesting to tip people who have nothing to do with it into an environment they do not have. The codes and where they will inevitably find themselves overtaken by the events. “

Family business, a group of friends project

Whether he is an actor, director or screenwriter, Igor Gotesman enjoys working with his close friends. Most recently, he co-wrote the successful romantic comedy My Unknown with Hugo Gélin, a friend he met thanks to Pierre Niney.

Whether he was to write or on the set where he went a few times, a good friendly understanding prevailed. For the artist, this state of mind is conducive to creation and laughter: “In comedy, it’s interesting to be able to maintain a friendly and light atmosphere on the set, even though we’re still there to work. Trying to make people laugh is still serious work, but when done in a good mood and in a good mood. spirits, I think it’s beneficial for the film. “

Family Business is without a doubt the creation that best illustrates this desire to work with friends. The series is written with Olivier Rosemberg, a childhood friend of Jonathan Cohen. And on screen, the two inseparable are friends too!

Other friends like Louise Coldefy and Ali Marhyar, who already appeared briefly in Five, were chosen to embody important characters in the series. Thanks to this mutual knowledge between the actors and the screenwriters, Igor Gotesman says that they have “been able to anticipate Jonathan Cohen’s needs […] especially his improvisational needs, which are part of his acting! “


Olivier Rosemberg and Jonathan Cohen in Family Business.

After putting all his heart into this series, which was released on June 28 on Netflix, Igor Gotesman admits he has already thought of a potential sequel. “I hope we will have the right to a season 2. At the moment nothing has been done, we are waiting for the return of the spectators. […] If there’s a desire on Netflix’s part to make a season 2, of course I have ideas in mind where we can bring the Hazan family and in what adventures we will be able to immerse them!

Meanwhile, he reveals to us that he is helping to write more movies. He admits to having worked on the first feature film directed by Pierre Niney, whose recordings and release have not yet been announced … Case follows!

Watch the bachelor interview with Igor Gotesman and the cast from Family Business:

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