Business cocktail: An initiative to strengthen the capacity of young entrepreneurs in Burkina

Bringing young Burkinabès to the full potential of them to create financial business opportunities is one of the goals of Improv’you, an event agency under Ragnimwendé Eldaa Koama. Thus, through his initiative called “The business cocktail”, this teacher and lecturer will offer young people the basics needed to succeed in entrepreneurship. On Tuesday, March 22, 2022, she faced young people from the town of Bobo-Dioulasso.

This training is part of the Improv’you agency’s tour conferences. It was held in three cities in Burkina, namely Ouagadougou, Bobo-Dioulasso and Koudougou. It focused on the theme: “Creativity and expertise for the emergence of national masters who boost the economy and position Burkina Faso internationally”.

This session, which was held in Bobo-Dioulasso, revolved around two major communications as well as panels. In fact, the choice of communication is not random. For successful entrepreneurship, according to the initiators, the entrepreneur must know his environment and educate himself financially.

Bureau of the training session

Design thinking, a method of developing entrepreneurial creativity

The first communication that focused on the concept of design thinking was developed by the director of the Sira Labs Center in Bobo-Dioulasso, Issiaka Boreaud. He first presented his center as an incubator, project accelerator and member of the Association of Innovative Entrepreneurship Support Structures. It is in this context that the center was invited to this meeting to present the concept to young entrepreneurs in the city of Sya. This announcement was made in the light of the high mortality rate among companies in Burkina.

“There are many companies being set up, but the death rate for these companies is very high. So when you take the time to work on the project idea from scratch so that it can respond to a need, to a situation of dissatisfaction in the community, it makes it possible to solve a problem for the community. This also enables the project to be economically and socially profitable. The idea is really to have sustainable projects, ”explained Issiaka Boreaud. For a project to be innovative and sustainable, according to him, it is necessary to take into account the methodology of design thinking, which was born in the 1950s in the United States.

“Design thinking is part of a method of empathy, that is, being in one’s environment, capturing one’s environment and defining one’s project idea. After defining it, you will develop a prototype, that is, make the project on a small scale and test it. Then you have to take into account the observations of the ecosystem, of the users, of everyone who wants to use your product, finish the project and improve it, ”he recalled.

The director of the Sira Labs Center in Bobo-Dioulasso, Issiaka Boreaud

Design thinking, as presented in his communication, is actually a method that has many benefits. First, companies that practice this working method will always be much more creative. They will always be ahead of competing companies and can innovate more easily. This way of thinking and innovating is thus heavily dependent on user feedback. Design thinking is an innovative method that makes it possible to transform ideas and projects into real actions and tangible prototypes.

At the end of his communication, the director of the Sira Labs Center, Issiaka Boreaud, welcomed the training initiative and expressed his satisfaction.

“We are delighted and pleased to see such initiatives coming to Hauts-Bassins to support young people. As the director of Sira Labs, we have done a lot of things for the benefit of these young people and we can assure you that these young people “We have potential, and we need to awaken the potential that lies dormant in this youth. These types of activities make it possible to develop the entrepreneurial spirit, the corporate culture among the young people of Bobo-Dioulasso,” he said.

The Head of Operations and Commitments of GRAIN Sarl, Dominique Tamini

Financial education, a factor of economic efficiency

The second communication during this meeting focused on financial education, to enable these young people to know how to best manage their money in accordance with their life goals and the economic and financial context. Anything that will enable young people to make informed financial choices.

This announcement was presented by Dominique Tamini, Head of Operations and Commitments for the Investment and Savings Support Group (GRAIN Sarl). He presented GRAIN Sarl as a microfinance institution established in 2006 by the family church in Burkina, including OCADES Caritas Burkina and the Catholic Women’s Organization in Burkina Faso.

When you manage to educate yourself financially, you manage to organize yourself in order to be able to finance your projects and boost your business. “The communication focused mainly on budgeting, savings, credit and digital financial education. Today, if you really want to go into business, you have to have ideas about how to lay out a budget, you have to have a good plan for your budget. You also need to know how to save, how to get credit, ”he learned.

Before you continue: “Before you take out a loan, you must have a need. You do not have to take the credit for taking it. And the credits are repaid with or without interest. We must already now cultivate this love and this commitment to these project managers, for we must manage our money well. Today, we cannot do without digitization. Everyone has a mobile money account now. This facilitates transactions at all times. “However, he hoped that such initiatives would multiply for the benefit of young incubators. He remains convinced that if the young people are well trained,” in a few years we will have responsible businessmen. This will reduce unemployment in Burkina Faso ”.

Emma Marie Blanche Kantiono is the CEO of Essakane Solar

Self-confidence to boost your potential

Emma Marie Blanche Kantiono is the daily manager of Essakane Solar, present at this training, she shared her experience with the participants. She who has made a name for herself in the field of solar energy is perceived by many young people as a model for success in the field of entrepreneurship. Her experience inspires more than one, especially young girls who want to take on.

In terms of exchanging experiences, she encouraged young people to strive for the best. When you want to be excellent, according to her, there are actions that you need to be motivated. “No one will do these actions for you, only you. You have to trust yourself, believe in what you are doing. For it is at the end of the effort that expertise will come,” she advised.

For young girls, she launches an appeal. “I work in a field that is 80% dominated by men. This is to tell young girls that they can go into fields that were once reserved for men. We have to break with these traditional considerations, ”she said.

Ragnimwendé Eldaa Koama, promoter of the event agency Improv’you

The promoter of “The business cocktail” explained that it is a three-dimensional program. The first dimension is to strengthen the capacity of entrepreneurs by offering them training sessions in how to succeed with their business, where they succeed with their B2B meetings, how to work with their image and their corporate image, etc. The second aims, according to Eldaa Koama on creating an opportunity for meetings, exchanges, to mimic a partnership between Burkinabè entrepreneurs even through a business networking evening.

“The third phase of the project is therefore to visit three cities in Burkina, to have different target groups, students, to introduce them to design thinking and the concept of financial education. This meeting allows them to have exchange opportunities with models because we often have this myth around our national masters while being able to transfer very good strategies to those who want to succeed, “hammered Eldaa. Koama.

Ragnimwendé Eldaa Koama has for several years now been involved in connecting young entrepreneurs. Through her agency, she offers training and mentors small businesses in their various investment choices. To young people who take her as a model, she advises them to have confidence in themselves and be themselves in all circumstances. “When you start wanting to copy other people, you lose your originality, your uniqueness. Be yourself, love who you are. You have to feel legitimate in your environment and then develop this mission that you think you are invested in. “Do not waste the potential that God has given you,” she advised.

Hairatou Kaboré, promoter of the company “Pompom beauty”

She claims that Burkina has potential, and examples of national champions illustrate this well. Therefore, she encourages young people to take themselves seriously, to do things for themselves and not to please others. During this meeting, other panelists intervened at the video conference to share their experiences with the Bobol youth. [ Cliquez ici pour lire l’intégralité ]

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