Will Meta destroy Metaverset before it even exists?

Six months have passed since Mark Zuckerberg wrote one open letter announces its vision metaverset and rebranding Facebook to Meta.

Although it painted an attractive picture – “in the metaverse you will be able to do almost anything you can imagine,” we were told – the letter left a lot of room for interpretation, which sparked debate on what form this new virtual world could take. .

Some have argued that Metaverse already exists (at least in its building blocks), while others say the necessary criteria will not be met for many years. But by and large, it is implied that the metaverse will consist of a series of interconnected spaces that connect the physical and digital worlds, through the fusion of traditional and augmented reality (XR) platforms.


(Image credit: Meta)

In his letter, Zuckerberg acknowledged that the meta-verse “will not be created by a single company” and will require new governance models to ensure that “more people have a share in the future.”

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