What it really means to join the meta-verse

More and more brands and creators want to take over the meta-verse to evolve there. But the meta-verse is not just a virtual reality world. It is truly a virtual world superimposed on a real world … where all virtual objects have a value and a unique identity. To really join the metaverse is therefore not so obvious a path. And above all, though, it’s obvious: no metaverse, no blockchain!

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A very specific process

Joining the meta-verse involves buying a space there to implement there. At Sandbox, for example, everything starts with buying your sand. This digital land is acquired very simply through the purchase of its deed, which has the form of an NFT.

And there, everything gets complicated: at the moment, most companies are not equipped to store NFTs (you must have at least one wallet; at best, a digital safe if the value of the NFT is important). They are also not equipped to buy NFT, the transaction often has to be done in cryptocurrencies.

Open a wallet, buy cryptocurrencies there, and thanks to them, the NFT can be stored there: the procedure to be followed is not the most obvious at the moment. Especially from a tax, accounting and even legal point of view. This explains why the forerunners have often transferred the process to trusted third parties. A height to access a world that aims to do without it. And a way of doing things that is obviously not sustainable.

A new world that needs leaders

However, this procedure is the only one that really opens the door to the metaverse. But because this process is still very complex, the metaverse is still elitist. That said, simplifying processes is only a matter of time. There are two essential elements left to really reassure the public: appropriate regulation and a simplified access road.

Why ? Because the meta-verse will not democratize until it becomes readily available. Whether there is ultimately one or more metavers (which would be the most coherent), the metaverse will only unfold when it is easy to tame via “common” tools. This is the bet from Facebook and its digital wallet Novi, which should soon be available on Messenger and allow storage of NFTs, tokens and cryptocurrencies that can no doubt be used to buy digital goods that can be used via oculus.

Beyond that, Emmanuel Macron foresaw it when he spoke of a “European metaverse”: the metaverse will never unfold without a broadly transnational legal framework to provide a framework for 100% digital creations. The next five years will necessarily be the regulation of the token economy, NFTs and the meta-verse. Across the board: national and European. Finally, ideally with a genuine ethical charter for these new technologies, as the environmental charter of our Constitution yesterday.

The meta-verse is the new frontier of art and business

Even today, brands can no longer ignore Web3 and the promises of the meta-verse, NFTs, and token economy. Applications are popping up because this is still unresolved. But tomorrow’s market shares are controversial today: If education is far from over, the war for talent has begun to develop its first applications. In the same way, the standard war threatens, even though it is still only in its infancy.

The questions raised in the development of the metaverse are the questions of sovereignty: sovereignty of states, corporations, creators. With through property, identity and renewal of value. But the meta-verse is no longer science fiction: it’s just a new frontier that brands must grasp to avoid being disturbed.

This text is signed by Fabien Aufrechterhead of Havas Sovereign Technologies.

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