The start of the school year 2022 will take place in the meta-verse

Metaverse entered the world of education with the launch of the first educational virtual world, MetaKwark. With more than 15 member campuses, including the MediaSchool group, this immersive world will enable education stakeholders to facilitate learning.

The meta-verse for higher education

Metaverset, the parallel virtual world dubbed the future of the internet, has won over the biggest brands who see it as an opportunity for the future. For the world of education, this can be a real asset. On April 5, Kwark Education, the French expert in the digital transformation of education, presented the first education metavers, MetaKwark.

MediaSchool Group (owner of Strategies), where 10,000 students are educated in communication, digital and media, is affiliated with the project, which welcomes students from the beginning of the academic year 2022. The platform now has 15 campuses, which will welcome more than 180,000 learning.

A typical campus designed by architect Manal Rachdi resembles Palm Island, an artificial palm-shaped archipelago located in the United Arab Emirates. Glass dome, underwater park, amphitheater that can be expanded. This is the New World, a disruptive project in higher education driven by digitization.

This is the essence of Metakwark, an educational virtual world, a 3D and immersive virtual universe where users interact with avatars as representatives. It will welcome students in September 2022. The project, which was announced in Paris on Tuesday, April 5, was carried out by Kwark Education, Manzalab (technical designer of Metakwark) and architect Manal Rachdi. The project, which is currently in the pilot phase, has brought together several partners, including large business schools such as ESC Pau.

While the health crisis has disrupted education for the past two years, schools have had to adapt to be able to teach at a distance. Despite the measures, many students dropped out. MetaKwark is designed to facilitate their investments.

“Our goal is to push holistic learning, facilitate the movement of our students between different virtual spaces, to encourage the sharing of information between our communities of learners, to develop creativity and collaboration. The general idea is to strengthen our students’ commitment through pleasure. by learning to lead them directly to success, ”says Laurence Augoyard, Vice President of MediaSchool.

According to a study published by Virtual Reality, virtual reality improved users’ learning outcomes by 8.8%.

Metakwark, simple online courses?

Specifically, an institution will take the form of a 3D universe where students will be able to follow courses (same principles as distance learning courses), interact with each other, participate in masterclasses, and even work in groups. They will access this universe directly on the Internet or through virtual reality glasses. And this every day, 24 hours a day. For example, students from a French institution will be able to take online courses at a school in India thanks to the partnership.

What sets Metaverset apart from online courses is that “Metakwark is more immersive and the role of architecture is key. It allows to evoke a positive feeling and to create a state of well-being, serenity or to boost creativity according to the environments and the chosen colors, “explains Alban Miconnet, president of Kwark Education. And to add:” It’s a permanently open environment, you can go there, meet people, stroll … “.

Each MetaKwark member institution will have a dedicated campus. Conferences, masterclasses, job search meetings, open days: students will be able to speak at any time and attract recruiters looking for future talent. They are directly trained in the use of this new technology and are an asset to the employer.

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