The luxury brand Hermès will use the meta-verse as a communication tool

Hermès plans to go into the metaverse

This Wednesday, April 20, 2022, Hermes, the famous French luxury brand, has published its quarterly accounts. During the general meeting held on this occasion, the group revealed its interest in the meta-verse.

Our colleagues from the Journal du Luxe actually report itAxel Dumas, CEO of Hermèssaid to himself “curious and interested” of digital worlds accessible via virtual or augmented reality. The leader believes that the meta-verse could establish itself as “a good communication tool” for the brand.

Axel Dumas did not develop Hermès’ ambitions. We imagine that the luxury brand could rely on the meta-verse to unite its community, create virtual reality stores, or sell virtual goods inspired by its creations.

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Luxury brands turn to the metaverse

So far, Hermès has stayed away from digital assets and Web3. With a focus on its craft approach, the fashion house prefers ” learn and monitor » rather than rushing into the metaverse. The metaverse is therefore not not prioritized from the Hermes group.

In its quarterly financial report, however, the company specifies that its sales are highly dependent on their online stores. Axel Dumas even claims that ” 78% of our e-commerce customers are new customers ”.

Digital communication therefore imposes itself as a big problem for the brand, whose growth is largely based on e-commerce. Due to solid sales, Hermès is planning in any case “to increase its strategic investment” in the near future.

This speech comes a few months after the French company went into conflict with a creator of non-fungible tokens (NFT). Hermès has actually discovered that a person named Mason Rothschild sold digital bags inspired by his own. The multinationals believed that the NFTs represented an infringement of intellectual property rights.

Unlike Hermès, many luxury brands have already ventured into the meta-verse. For example, Gucci joined The Sandbox (SAND) to sell virtual assets there.

Last month, brands like Tommy Hilfiger, DKNY, Puma, Forever 21, Roberto Cavalli, Paco Rabanne, Dolce and Gabbana even participated in the first fashion week in the meta-verse of Decentraland (MANA).

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Sources: Hermès, Journal du Luxe

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