The Cannes Film Festival, a unique showcase for electric BMWs

BMW takes over from Renault, the event’s historical partner, and becomes the official carrier for the next Cannes Film Festival. For the first time, the German producer will take movie stars to the bottom of the stairs to the Palais des Festivals. It will use the largest film festival in the world as a good showcase for its latest electric models. Models at the beginning of the election of the festival organizers, worried about their responsibilities in light of climate issues. Organizers who sought to equip themselves with electric vehicles to transport stars and VIPs to the Croisette. They are happy to have found a partner in BMW who can do this with glamorous and eco-friendly vehicles.

A fleet of 163 electrified vehicles

From 17 to 28 May, BMW will make 163 electric and plug-in hybrid cars available for the festival. They will provide transportation between the airport, the various venues for the event and the palaces of Cannes. The cornerstones of this fleet will be three 100% electric models: the BMW i4, iX and iX3. Models illustrating the diversity of the Bavarian manufacturer’s electrical series. A manufacturer that increasingly combines top-of-the-range and emission-free mobility. The BMW i4 is an elegant sports sedan and combines a high level of comfort with the most modern interface. The BMW iX is a large premium electric SUV of athletic proportions, with a large battery that gives it more than 600 km range. The BMW iX3 is a compact SUV that combines luxury, modernity and performance.

BMW and cinema: a long story

In addition to its compliance with the organizers’ environmental policy, the partnership with BMW was easily forged for another reason. A reason related to the long relationship that the brand has with the cinema. BMW is an iconic brand that symbolizes performance and luxury. His cars have already appeared more than 30,000 times on the big screen. Over the years, they have starred in many films and have thus contributed to the brand’s worldwide reputation. The numerous appearances of the BMW 7 Series and 5 Series in spy movies remain in everyone’s memory. The same goes for the increasingly impressive performance from the BMW M in the Mission Impossible series. BMW also uses Hollywood stars to promote it. The BMW iX thus appears next to itArnold Schwarzenegger and Salma Hayek at a place that was broadcast during the Super Bowl.

First public appearance for the BMW i7

Electric BMW Festival Cannes

At Cannes this year, the star of the BMWs will be the new BMW i7, which will have its first public appearance there. Three copies of this limousine will circulate in the city, while a fourth will be presented in front of the entrance to one of the palaces of Cannes. The BMW i7, unveiled on April 20, will be the flagship of the manufacturer’s electric series. It brings mobility to a unique level of convenience and exclusivity, while embodying luxury and modernity. Its two electric motors deliver a combined power of 400 kW, while its 101.7 kWh battery provides up to 625 km of autonomy. The BMW i7 also puts technology and screens at the forefront. Arranged behind a continuous and curved surface, two large screens of 12.3 and 14.9 inches thus face the driver.

A panoramic screen in the heart of the cabin

Even more impressive, a 31.3-inch panoramic screen will immerse the stars of the festival in a family atmosphere. An 8K screen in 32: 9 format, which transforms the second row of seats into an exclusive cinema lounge. Movie enthusiasts will be able to access their personal favorite movie and video streaming plan. As they travel through the city of the festival, they will enjoy the entertainment of this car of the future. A vehicle that presents a new face of luxury and offers a unique quality of life on board and comfort, but also an unsurpassed digital experience. The BMW i7 also testifies to a vision of premium mobility that addresses sustainability issues. A vision in line with the one that the Cannes Film Festival also wants to convey.

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