Student budget: how much does it cost to study at a business school?

INFOGRAPHICS. Since 2015, business schools have increased their PGE tuition fees by an average of 24% per year. For the four most expensive institutions, students have to pay more than 16,000 euros for a single year. Decryption.

While pointing out the lack of social openness in higher education, Leadership schools continue to increase their tuition fees again this year. Based on the data obtained for our ranking of major business schools in 2022, l’Etudiant was interested in the increases that business schools have made to their flagship program: the PGE (Grande école program).

More than 18,000 euros a year for the most expensive school

Between the beginning of 2015 and the beginning of the school year 2021, tuition fees have increased by 24% on average at business schools. This year, HEC is at the forefront. To study there for a single year in the Grande Ecole program, students paid an average of 18,114 euros during the last academic year. ESCP Business School is asking for 16,892 euros. It is followed by emlyon, who asks for about sixty euros less or 16,825 euros.

The cheapest school to follow a PGE remains IMT BS (Institut Mines Télécom Business School): on average, students spent € 7,609 for the 2020/2021 school year, including CVEC. South Champagne Business School and EM Strasbourg are then the only ones asking for less than 9,000 euros to follow their Grande Ecole program.

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An average increase of 2,300 euros in six years

A year at the business school costs an average of 12,084 euros. At the beginning of the school year 2015, a student paid around 2,300 euros less than at the beginning of the school year 2021. Among the institutions that have increased their tuition fees the most, Rennes Business School comes first with an increase of 53% in six years. SKEMA BS also made a significant increase by 50% more on the invoice.

On the side of schools where inflation is less strong is ISC Paris. It has only increased its tuition fees by 6% since the start of the 2015 school year, going from € 10,780 to € 11,375, an increase of almost € 600. Relatively, ESCE has also only increased its tuition fees slightly : from 10,230 euros at the start of the school year 2015, the amount increased to 10,962 euros for the last school year.

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Work study and specific help: ways to reduce tuition fees

The amount of teaching may be sober for some students. Be aware that there are ways to reduce the bill. For example, the change allows you to reduce the banknote to zero euros. Within the framework of a work study or professionalisation contract, it is the company that welcomes you that bears the cost. Reviewing the work study is therefore a way to professionalize faster, but also a measure of social openness.

Then the schools also offer help that is specific to them, especially through their funds. It is up to you to do your research by going to their sites to find the help offered by the institution you want to integrate. Some institutions – such as HEC or IMT BS – go so far as to offer free tuition in certain cases.

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At the beginning of the academic year 2021, ESSCA changed its tuition fee policy. The Angevin establishment has thus switched to modulated fees according to each family’s resources.. It also provides graduates with a simulator that calculates the cost to be paid directly. The same applies to TBS Education, which offers to modulate its tuition fees only in the first year of PGE.

If you are a fellow, do not panic, you will continue to receive your scholarship at all the business schools listed in our infographic.

The development of teaching by program in infographics

After all, thanks to the infographic below, you will know the evolution of tuition fees in PGE for the 37 business schools that are present on our rankings for five years. Use the search box to find the company you are interested in for detailed information.

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