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Here are two that could well revolutionize the farming profession. Pioneers in 100% local, organic and … urban agriculture, the founders of Agricool, Guillaume Fourdinier and Gonzague Gru, grow their fruits and vegetables in containers. First in Paris, with a first harvest of strawberries, then elsewhere in France, thanks to funds raised from Xavier Niel and especially the incubator The Family. Like these “cooltivators”, dozens of entrepreneurs are shaking up traditional industries, multiplying the opportunities to build success stories there.

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“A boulevard.” This is how the founders of BeBCBG and MIB Clean see the ironing, shoemaking or sewing market with home deliveries. And with good reason: restrictive schedules, the weight of the packages, random delays …, especially traditional dry cleaners combine the disadvantages. MIB Cleans trick? Give them the digital tool that allows them to manage deliveries: geolocation of delivery people, mobile app, online payment, etc. “We started with a partner laundry in Paris in 2014, which is now about forty of them across France, and our turnover increased by 115% in 2015 “, clarifies its founder Mario Vilsaint. All the customer has to do is order online and choose the time and place for pickup and delivery of linen. All at a price that is identical to the one invoiced in the store (free delivery over 40 euros). As for dry cleaners, they pay 10% commission to MIB Clean. Already profitable, the young shot is in the process of raising 800,000 euros.

They invent the dry cleaner delivered to your home
Starting bet 5,000 euros *

The three founders of beBCBG All rights reserved

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“We were supposed to be in costume every day, but when we left at 11pm, it was impossible to take them to the dry cleaner’s,” these three former consultants recall. So they devised their start-up, BeBCBG, for Parisian sup executives: ordering, pickup and delivery fixed online, service provided by high-quality labeled dry cleaners. Their turnover was to double, around 500,000 euros in 2016.

* Personal contribution from the three founders.

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Re-publishing old furniture, 1950s-look household appliances, vintage clothing … Did you think the retro wave had spared no sector? Error. We have identified at least two promising. Car rental, first. An oar that Fabrice and Linda Le Roy were the first to utilize, on the Côte d’Azur, where their company Rent A Classic started in 2009 with three vehicles. Seven years later, it generates 2 million euros in revenue, and its fleet, valued at 2.1 million, includes forty legendary models, from the Ferrari Dino 246 GT (that of Tony Curtis in “Friendly yours”) to James Deans Porsche 356. Shooting, corporate events (Microsoft, Adidas, Samsung …), weddings, vacations for wealthy people (Emma Watson, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie), these collectibles can be rented for up to 600 euros per. day. The Le Roy couple are now looking at Normandy, and the company SuperCar Road Trip has launched the same service in Bordeaux, but other tourist destinations remain untapped. The founders of Fizzer also intend to ride the retro wave. Their findings? An app to send a real postcard by mail from your phone or computer. Once the image is selected and the message written, for 1.59 euros, Fizzer makes sure to print the card and send it. Available in twelve languages, this Normandy start-up aims for 100,000 users in 2016 and number 1 in Europe in 2018.

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Upon hearing his foreign friends complain about the cost of our tourist accommodation for young people, Julien Routil and his two staff saw it as a business idea: in 2014, they inaugurated their first new hostel in Lyon. , Beating living hostel, followed by another next June. “Low-cost tourism entrepreneurs have a highway ahead of them,” confirms Vanguelis Panayotis, hotel strategy consultant. Provided you get the right place for a reasonable rent – “it must not exceed 20% of turnover” and reconsider the codes for this type of accommodation: nice decoration, smaller dormitories, home catering, staff in the reception “ambassador” in the city, etc. With which we can quickly show full and become profitable. “With 5 employees and 400,000 euros in turnover, we were positive from the first financial year”, assures the trio from Lyon, whose group renamed Modern Nomads has just won one of the Réinventer Paris competitions, where it opens a hostel in 2019. youth on 150 “revolutionary” beds …

They are visiting our hostel again
Starting bet 200,000 euros *

Matthieu Bégué, Louis Kervillant and Damien Börjesson, the three founders of Les Piaules. All rights reserved

© Bruno Levy for the capital

A place where young tourists feel at home in Paris: This is how these three business school friends have dreamed of Les Piaules, a youth hostel that has everything of a boutique hotel, but for 22 euros per person. night in dormitory at eight. “Our model is low cost – a basic service and paid extra services – not the experience offered,” they clarify. Trendy decor, supersonic Wi-Fi, catering made in Belleville (coffee, beer, bread, cheeses, charcuterie, etc.) and “rooftop” with a breathtaking view of the capital. On the way to achieving 2 million euros in turnover this year, the trio is already looking for another address.

The number of reservation per day in December 2015 : 320 beds
The number of reservation per day in February 2016 : 1,160 beds

* Personal contribution from the three founders.

>> In the video: Aristocratic homes from the seventeenth century in the heart of the Marais or a former department store equipped with one of the largest urban solar power plants in France: In Paris, hostels play the card of originality.


Rarely in the city center and overpriced: For city dwellers, storage remains a headache. However, the needs are enormous: family dissolution, mobility of students … On the other hand, many owners have empty spaces: ceilings, basements, boxes, etc. “A gift” for Mickael Nadjar (HEC) and Adam Levy-Zauberman (Essec), who, when they were scout leaders, never knew where to store their equipment. And so was born in 2013, thanks to a fundraising of 300,000 euros from business angels, the first platform between individuals, Costockage. An immediate success: “We went from 50,000 cubic meters for rent to 400,000 today, and 1,200 people a day are looking to store.” The rental companies set their price and then charge a commission on each booking. That is an expected turnover of 400,000 euros in 2016, ten times as large as in 2014! In the case of rental companies, some pockets up to 500 euros a month. While other “storage Airbnbs” have appeared in Bordeaux ( or Lille (, there are still entire regions to be conquered. As for Costockage, it has already turned down several takeover bids from veterans of the sector …


In France, almost 3 million households move every year. But deterred by the cost of professionals, two-thirds do it on their own. It is to these that several young shots have decided to sell a model that is both flexible and inexpensive. And sometimes 100% collaborative, like, which connects “big arms” and individuals. Result: “When a move of 35 cubic meters to 10 kilometers on average costs 2,000 euros, it comes back to us at 600 euros”, assures Dorian Touly, the founder of the place. The FretBay platform, which was launched by a former English teacher, Areeba Rehman, is also shaking up the business. Trucks left empty? Individuals who want to transport bulky goods? Like its competitor Cotransportage, this website puts them in touch, for a 13% commission charged to the professional. Good point: after raising 431,000 euros in 2013 and with prices that are 75% cheaper than a traditional mover, FretBay already has 500,000 users.

They are the kings of low-cost relocation
Starting bet 5,000 euros *

Des bras en plus was a huge success. All rights reserved

© MS

2 million euros invoiced in 2015, double the expected in 2016: these three friends from a master’s degree in finance from Nanterre have come a long way. The trick with their company More weapons? “Like low-cost carriers, our site lists a number of prices depending on the day, and with a few clicks, the customer reserves an à la carte service,” explains Farid Lahlou. Goal: to become French number 1 in relocation.
* Won during the Envie d’agir competition in the Ministry of Youth and Sport.

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You will not want to miss it: Once the beard was synonymous with letting go with a left-leaning trend, the beard has become fashionable again, featuring a suit and a tie like jeans and sneakers. Provided, however, to maintain it close. And so the barber trade has found another life, especially in Paris and Lyon: Les Mauvais Garçons, Le Barbier des faubourgs, L’Atelier vintage, etc. But a beard can also be cared for at home. And for that you need the right equipment. Ganaël Bascoul understood this well when he launched Monsieur Barbier in 2013, the first specialized online sales site (and soon a store in Paris): hand scrapers, shaving brushes, mousses, creams, etc. “We only find the top, like the Thiers Issard brand, the last manufacturer in the world of handmade smooth razors “, clarifies this former consultant at Ernst & Young, who expects a turnover of 500,000 euros. in 2016. And emphasizes that the shaving company, just like in the hairdressing industry, can extend to franchising, home delivery, product lines, etc. So many opportunities to seize.


400 euros : two days of shaving training for qualified hairdressers.
– Loss of motivation? Moovjee (Movement for Youth and Student Entrepreneurs) offers personal coaching.
€ 5,000 : the electric delivery scooter for dry cleaning.
– In the regions, Réseau Entreprendre finances several projects.

Nathalie Villard

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