Star-Lord versus the Wokes, a battle of epic proportions

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Published May 7, 2022


The hero of Guardians of the GalaxyChris Pratt, faces his most dangerous enemy: the crowd woke.

The actor has recently come under fire for being an outspoken Christian, which for the Hollywood world is tantamount to being the big bad Thanos.

In April, Twitter harps grabbed their keyboards to express their frustration at seeing a believer in professional activity. The still angry memes urged Marvel and Disney to replace Pratt with Patrick Wilson to play Star-Lord in the movies Guardians of the Galaxy.

Pratt has previously been attacked online for belonging to a church in Los Angeles.

Wokism against Star-Lord Chris Pratt

Mercury News reported that progressive New York Timesno doubt concerned that not all churches are alike, the pastor and founder of Pratt Church, Zoe Church, accused of having created his church by drawing inspiration from Hillsong, as this network has previously been accused of its views on LGBT problems.

According to the Hillsong pastor, Pratt was never a member of that church.

Aside from this clerical confusion, has Pratt expressed views that could be considered homophobic or anti-LGBT? Of course not. That woke hates Pratt just because he is a Christian.

In fact, Pratt expressed his support for the freedom to love whoever you choose in a response to actress Ellen Page, who now identifies as a man named Elliot.

“I am a man who believes that everyone has the right to love whoever they want, without the judgment of their neighbor. »

That woke can not attach Pratt to anything really offensive, but that he has an opinion contrary to dogmas woke and that he still works in Hollywood drives them crazy.

Fortunately, Pratt’s allies are ready to defend him there.

Chris Pratt supported

The director of Guardians of the Galaxyreplied James Gunn to a tweet calls on Marvel to replace the actor:

“Why? Because of your fabricated and completely false belief about him? For what someone else told you about her is not true? Chris Pratt will never be replaced as Star-Lord, but if he ever was, we would all be with him. “

That’s a good point from Gunn, but he seems to be the exception rather than the rule. All too often, Hollywood actors and directors are silent or even complicit in slanderous campaigns against their ideological opponents.

But it’s not hard to imagine a world where Pratt is left on the run, a believing man despised by an industry that is increasingly hostile to religion.

Pratt had Gunn to defend himself, but the new norm should not be that a Christian accused of being harmful needs a woke to validate him as a good human being. Reputation should be on its own merits, and Pratt’s is excellent.

To emphasize this point, here is an anecdote from November 2021. Pratt received criticism after writing a completely harmless message on his Instagram account in which he expressed his deep love for his wife:

“We met in church. She gave me a great life, a beautiful healthy girl, she chews so hard sometimes that I put on my earphones, but it’s love. She helps me with everything. In return, I open on a regular basis a jar of pickles. It’s the exchange. His heart is pure and he belongs to me … I love you darling. “

To a normal human being, this message is from a man who is completely in love with his wife and expresses the joy of having found his soulmate. His wife certainly understood it that way.

That woke unhinged interpreted that for Pratt, his wife was property he controlled, and began accusing him of misogyny.

Every time the left tries to prove that Pratt deserves to be banned, it fails because it’s a lie. Pratt is a good man and also a devout Christian.

New charges will no doubt be raised against him in the future as the left refuses to leave him alone.

But as his film shows, Pratt eventually defeats the villain.

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