PPA Business School: a pedagogy today oriented towards tomorrow!

published on November 28, 2019

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Your goal is to become the leader of tomorrow. For this you need a pedagogy for your goals and in complete accordance with the needs of companies and more broadly with the economic structure of future markets. PPA Business School has thought about it.

The pedagogy of this institution is to educate students at the highest level through work-study programs and to promote access to higher education for as many people as possible by offering a free entrance exam and training according to the needs of 3000 partner companies. Supporting the Pôle Paris Alternance is an ambitious choice to take advantage of the support of one of the largest management and vocational training networks, the GES Network.


Choosing PPA Business School means opening up many areas of specialization: communication, marketing, management, international business, logistics, human resources, management control, asset management, finance … The diplomas obtained in these areas are recognized nationally and internationally. We are talking here about bachelors, graduates and MBAs.

Choosing PPA Business School means training on a work-study program with a clear legal status: the long-term internship agreement, the professionalization contract or the apprenticeship contract. In this context, it means being followed and accompanied throughout the company search and the training itself. And what a network of companies! See for yourself: https://www.ppa.fr/entreprises-partenaires.html

Choosing PPA Business School means studying in Paris in a comfortable setting designed for you. Thus, you will enjoy a real high school atmosphere and even a real trading space equipped with multiple workstations connected to Bloomberg Professional services, one of the most powerful and influential economic and financial information systems in the world. Three campuses will welcome you: Parc Montsouris campus, Jourdan campus or Voltaire campus. Check out the establishment’s YouTube channel you would like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Iv00Rq3Dlg

Choosing PPA Business School means learning with pedagogical and experienced teachers. The teachers working at Pôle Paris Alternance come from a wide variety of sectors. The majority of them are working professionals who are going to pass on their skills, their experience and their mastery of the field to students throughout their course. Among the teaching teams, there are also academics who are engaged in applied research. Through their intermediaries and their work, PPA’s pedagogy is the subject of permanent innovations. The courses are thus reorganized annually according to the companies’ needs and their market.

In addition to your courses, you will be asked about innovative student projects, such as seminars abroad, sporting, cultural or entrepreneurial challenges in many areas: communication, marketing, fashion, cooking … To find out more: https: // www .ppa.fr / projets-etudiants.html.

Choosing PPA Business School also means the opportunity for international mobility: PPA Business School has a network of partner companies on all continents – Malaysia, Singapore, USA, South Korea, Dubai, Spain, Ireland, Germany, England, Italy, Mexico, China and Vietnam can be your future study destinations. For more information: https://www.ppa.fr/international-ecole-commerce-alternaance.html.


Let the instructor speak: This is how we enable each of our students to master the techniques in their specialty and acquire the necessary professional behavior. With confidence, ambition and humility, they will be able to access supervisory and management positions. »

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