Orange Business Services: the cloud of trust in the value creation service

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The cloud industry is experiencing renewed interest in European trusted cloud solutions. In this context, we can also see a semantic shift take place where the concept of “sovereign cloud” gives way to the word “trust cloud”.

The concept of sovereign cloud has often been seen under a rather focused prism around data localization. If this view is really important, then it is only part of the questions of sovereignty”Explains Cédric Prévost, Marketing Director for Trusted Cloud Solutions for Orange Business Services (OBS).

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The many problems of “trust”

With regard to trusted cloud solutions, the problems are thus several: These are the current rules, with in particular the consequences of extraterritoriality legislation, but also the way in which the solutions are operated, including technical support and business continuity. or even the technological foundation on which all this rests.

“Today, there are many open source solutions at the application level. On the other hand, in terms of cloudbase, although the Openstack codebase is open source, the operationally robust and feature-rich solutions are fairly packaged solutions that do not come from the EU. The challenge is therefore to know how to provide solid cyber security on motorizations and various external application components ”, illustrates Cédric Prévost. “The wealth dimension of the services provided is also significant. Innovative services, big data, artificial intelligence … These are also expectations that will involve the independence and sovereignty of our customers.“.

“A la carte” solutions

That is why we offer our customers solutions that a la carte can respond to these various ‘sub-criteria’ for sovereignty according to their highest priority issues.”, Explains the director of trusted cloud solutions in OBS. “Within Orange Business Services, we are present on all layers of cloud and data infrastructure and services. We are a player in network connectivity, cloud infrastructure services, managed cloud services, data analysis, video conferencing, call center. And all this on a European scale“.

OBS now has 2,400 cloud experts, more than 2,000 data experts and the same number in cybersecurity. “This allows us to deliver targeted responses in the form of infrastructure such as public clouds or private clouds that can be integrated into the various customer contexts or even, if necessary, into their data centers.“.

Not having to choose between sovereignty and innovation

Gaia-X, the Franco-German project for a European ecosystem of data and services that is still under development and of which Orange is one of the founding members, has also made it possible to bring back this theme of the trusted cloud. the foreground. .

As a reminder, Gaia-X should make it possible to create a framework that promotes data sharing, including sensitive data, by merging and simply highlighting existing solutions from European vendors, including those from Orange Business Services. To do this will bring more interoperability and transparency in the operation of the various services that will be offered in the Gaia-X ecosystem.

For Cédric Prévost, this project is promising and stands out from previous attempts at a sovereign cloud because it makes it possible not to oppose “sovereignty” and “innovation”. “The Gaia-X ecosystem is definitely not meant to be closed to Europe and will remain open to non-European players. This is very important because a good deal of digital innovation does not come from the continent. But all players will have to agree to play by the rules that will be set by the Europeans, especially in terms of transparency. This will allow European companies to better control their hybridization between more sovereign solutions and others that are smaller.“.

Be well supported to create value thanks to the cloud

One of the challenges, especially for companies where the cloud is seen as the engine of their business transformation, is that it is a transformation that goes not only through tools but also through changes in the organization. They therefore face challenges in terms of skills and culture in order to successfully tackle all the problems, while at the same time managing to ensure the safety and consistency of the solutions that are in place.

You must be able to combine all these elements in a solution that is both coherent and as a bonus ensures an investment return.», Develops Cédric Prévost. “The cloud is not a magic bullet. It can incur expenses. However, it is most often accompanied by a strong value creation. But for that, you need to have the right resources to lead the transformation and anticipate the next development. Companies therefore have every interest in being well supported. “

A propos d'Orange Business Services

Orange Business Services is a digital service company born from the network and device of Orange, dedicated to companies around the world. It connects, protects and innovates for sustainable business growth. Thanks to its expertise as an operator and service integrator in every step of the digital value chain, Orange Business Services gathers all the know-how to support companies, especially in SDN networks, multi-cloud services, data and AI, smart mobility services and cybersecurity. It supports companies at every step of the development of their data: collection, transportation, storage and processing, analysis and sharing.

As innovation is critical for businesses, Orange Business Services places its customers at the heart of an open collaborative ecosystem of its 27,000 employees, the teams and expertise of the Orange Group, its technology and business partners, and a pool of finely selected start-ups. More than 2 million professionals, businesses and communities in France and 3,000 multinational companies trust Orange Business Services.

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