One out of two goals for Espace 13/2

The crowdfunding campaign, launched in early April to make Espace 13/2 a reality, a cultural and community space on 13th Street, reached a major milestone this week. This necessary step enables the campaign to continue towards its ultimate goal.

Espace 13/2 will take place in the premises that Épicerie 13/2 has occupied since the spring of 2021. The concept? A bookstore that will host certain community and cultural activities. Next to the grocery store 13/2 – Accommodation Bio, this space will form “a food, cultural and social center for young people”, states the introductory text to the crowdfunding campaign at La Ruche.

The events, which we will see on Espace 13/2, will be “organized for and by the young people in the community”, we also read there. These will include, in particular, workshops, conferences and discussions, book launches, films, music albums and screenings. Voluntary engagement will be the driving force behind these activities. Young volunteers will thus make a contribution to the environment, culture and citizenship.

Turn and prosperity

Remember that the team from Épicerie 13/2, a non-profit organization, moved to Accommodation Bio’s premises. In light of her full-time return to Haunted Farm in Lotbinière, Léa Charest has passed the torch of ecological accommodation on to her neighbors. There is now a merger of the two food offerings.

The closure of the IGA renovation on 4th Avenue has contributed to the influx of customers to this merged offering, the Épicerie 13/2 team told us at the start of the crowdfunding campaign for the cultural space and community.

The originally planned project for Espace 13/2 provided catering and events. However, the prospect of a zoning change for this application had given rise to concern in the immediate vicinity. A petition had arisen. The 13/2 team had come to the meeting of the Vieux-Limoilou District Council to hear the concerns of the neighbors and to enter into dialogue.

This was followed by a reflection on a revised concept. To allay concerns, the 13/2 team chose a bookstore concept with community and cultural dissemination. A use that would be allowed in this place, according to what a worker from the city of Quebec told them in early 2022.

However, citizens attending the March meeting of the Vieux-Limoilou District Council heard that the only permitted use of this place would be a food business. Information confirmed by the Chief of Communications of the City of Quebec, David O’Brien, contacted by the author of these lines on April 4th.

The 13/2 team will be ready to take the necessary steps, if necessary, according to what the author of these lines was also told during his visit to the site on April 4th.

200 contributors

In its first week, the crowdfunding campaign reached 25% of the target. In order for it to proceed to its conclusion, at least 200 contributors had to participate. This step was taken in just under a month, on May 3rd.

The collected contributions will be used to cover expenses for the renovation of the premises, salaries and rent during the conversion. They will also cover the fees of the experts. Finally, they will give Espace 13/2 a fund to start organizing events. New video clips are revealed on the Facebook page for the future location for the final phase of the crowdfunding campaign.

In its final stretch, the campaign for Espace 13/2 still has twelve days and a little bit to reach the $ 100,000 goal. If this goal is achieved, the Thousand and One Youth Fund will double its efforts. This fund supports initiatives aimed at an audience composed mainly of young people between the ages of 15 and 29. This is according to the Quebec Youth Secretariat.

We find the crowdfunding campaign for Espace 13/2 at La Ruche.

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