NFT: Hyundai puts the throttle on the metaverse highway

Monkey to the moon! South Korean carmaker Hyundai announced on Monday its partnership with the project NFT “Meta Kongz”. So they plan to create a limited collection of 30 NFTs which will see the light of day on April 20, 2022. Hyundai has also provided cryptic clues to a possible metaverse. This is reminiscent of his previous concept of robots. Its goal was to connect the real and virtual worlds to improve mobility.

In January, Hyundai had already unveiled its concept of “metamobility”. It is a vision of robot technology as a means between the real world and metavers so changes made by users in the metaverse are reflected in reality. According to them, this is innovation “allows people to overcome the physical limitations of movement in time and space.”

“With the metaverse set to become a daily space for humans in the future, the company expects the possible emergence of a new type of metaverse platform where the difference with reality can disappear, breaking with the concept of VR as the world knows it.”

Opinion from Hyundai

Hyundai advanced with its concept, suggesting a possible “Hyundai Metamobility universe”. This metavers would know issuance of various NFTs as vehicles. Hyundai has also created a new Twitter account for its NFT-related communications. The carmaker posted a video there showing an animated Meta Kong crossing space, “to the moon”, in a 1975 Hyundai PONY.

The teaser also presents “Shooting Star NFT”. A cryptic explanation suggests that it is one “ticket to a whole new world” which could lead to “new NFTs”.

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Hyundai had already shared its desire to be a pioneer in the use of robot technology in the real world and the meta-verse at CES 2022 in January. Hyundai presented its projects there under the main theme “Expanding human reach”. The presentations reflected how the company’s robotics business would run the paradigm shift towards future mobility. The goal is to go beyond traditional means of transportation to offer unlimited freedom of movement to humanity.

Robot technology is an important part of Hyundai’s transformation into a provider of smart mobility solutions. Hyundai has also acquired Boston Dynamics, an innovator in the field. The automaker has focused on advancing robot technology. They say it could improve people’s lives through a range of mobility solutions.

According to Hyundai, will the future of non-fungible tokens (NFT) be illuminated in the light of artificial intelligence?

The company sees robot technology and mobility as complementary, insofar as one accelerates the development of the other. Hyundai also unveiled its new concept of “metamobility”, which will expand the role of mobility to virtual reality. It will allow people to do that overcome physical movement limitations in time and space.

“The idea behind metamobility is that space, time and distance will become useless. By connecting robots with the meta-verse, we will be able to move freely between the real world and virtual reality. Going one step further in the immersive experience (…) provided by the metaverse, robots will become an extension of our own physical senses, enabling us to reshape and enrich our daily lives with metamobility. ”

Chang Song, Chairman of the Hyundai Group and Head of the Transportation-as-a-Service Division

With the meta-verse expected to become a daily space for people, the company expects a possible emergence of a new type of platform. In the latter, the difference with reality could disappear. What was once only a virtual experience due to technological limitations could now be mirrored in the real world through the connection of smart devices. Thus, users would have unlimited freedom of movement between the two worlds. Who from Hyundai or McLaren wins ?

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