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Experience the new inevitable stock exchange event, the Café de la Bourse chronicle on the BFM Business TV channel, which takes place every four weeks. On the program: clear, informative and practical information on investing in the stock market for beginners as well as the most experienced.

The chroniclers from Café de la Bourse at BFM Business


BFM Business is an information media belonging to the Altice group, dedicated to economic and social news in France. The BFM Business channel is available online and on your TV on channel 31 on SFR, channel 228 on Orange, channel 242 on Bouygues, channel 347 on Free, channel 171 on Canal and channel 51 on Fransat.

Café de la Bourse performs on the BFM Bourse program presented by Guillaume Sommerer, every 4 weeks, on Thursdays at 16.15.

You will be able to find educational and practical information for investing in the stock market, on various topics. The goal: to provide individual investors with the method and tools to select their investments and build their portfolio according to their profile.

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Café de la Bourse / BFM Business Chronicle of 2 September 2021: how to invest in the stock market in technology companies?


Café de la Bourse’s first intervention took place under the BFM Bourse program on September 2, 2021. Louis Yang, co-founder and editor-in-chief of Café de la Bourse, spoke in detail about investing in Tech by addressing stock selection criteria specific to this sector. It particularly described the questions you need to ask yourself before investing in a particular stock, the most relevant financial ratios to study for that sector, as well as examples of stocks in listed companies or ETFs that you need to consider in order to create a diversified Tech portfolio.

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Café de la Bourse / BFM Business Chronicle of 30 September 2021: how to invest in dividend stocks?

Cafedelabourse at BFM Business shares dividends

In his column of September 30, 2021, Louis Yang addressed the theme of dividend stocks. Very popular with French investors, are these money queues necessarily financially attractive? The co-founder of Café de la Bourse returned to the operation of dividends, the major French and American dividend stocks, but also the boundaries of these companies and our advice to build a relevant dividend strategy.

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Café de la Bourse / BFM Business article of 28 October 2021: how to invest in the stock market with a cautious profile?

Clemence Tanguy Cafedelabourse BFM Business

Clémence Tanguy, Editor-in-Chief of Café de la Bourse, returned to the BFM Bourse program on 28 October 2021 on stock market investments with a cautious profile. How can you boost the results of your investments and gain a foothold in the stock markets when you are risk averse? Faced with Stéphane Pedrazzi, Clémence Tanguy revealed the rules to be followed for the prudent investor, the stock selection criteria to be adopted, as well as the stocks and financial products to be considered.

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Café de la Bourse / BFM Business column of 23 December 2021: should a PEA be opened in 2022?

Chronicle Clemence Tanguy BFM

In the BFM Bourse program of 23 December 2021, Clémence Tanguy addressed the issue of PEA’s attractiveness by describing the limitations and limitations of this framework, which may deter many investors but also emphasize the undeniable tax advantage it provides. Finally, on the set of Guillaume Paul, the editorial director of the Café de la Bourse revealed ways to circumvent certain limitations of the stock savings plan and revealed some stocks and ETFs that need to be kept a close eye on.

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The Café de la Bourse chronicle comes on BFM Business

Find the next column of Café de la Bourse at BFM Business, at. 16:15, Thursday, January 20, 2022.

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