Loire-Atlantique: already in prison, the “magnetizer” escapes a new sexual conviction

A resident of La Ferrière-aux-Etangs was sentenced to 4 months probation for withholding and disseminating child pornographic images.
Four images were found in the defendant’s computer, which were released for the benefit of the doubter. © Paul Le Meur – illustrations

that Nantes Criminal Court finally released on Thursday, May 5, 2022 a former truck driver from Machecoul-Saint-Eme (Loire-Atlantique), which was prosecuted after the discovery of four child pornographic images on his laptop.

This discovery had been made on the sidelines of other judicial investigations: the accused, 60, had in November 2020 been sentenced to three years in prison of the same court for “sexual assault” on his young neighbor.

This sex offender – who introduced himself as a “magnetizer” – had actually offered his victim one evening to “massage” her to relieve her recurring back pain. He had invited her to his home for this: while his companion was in the living room, he had laid her on the marriage bed and had closed the door behind him.

After lowering his pants “under the buttocks”, this “oppressive” and “sticky” man had gradually caressed his sex, “kissed the left buttock” or even “pinched the nipples”. “You saw? He’s big,” the man launched to the 17-year-old girl, showing off his erect penis.

He had assaulted a former gendarme’s daughter-in-law

“If she had seen my gender, she would necessarily have seen a detail that she did not talk about and that affects everyone who sees it: I have no hair at all,” the former truck driver had defended during this trial in 2020.

He also “would not have been able” to take his cock out of the tracksuit, insofar as his penis was too “big” and “fat” …

This daughter-in-law of a former gendarme was also “quite naughty” and had “spurred him on” by coming for a massage “without panties”, he said again on Thursday.

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However, the defendant was already known by the courts before this case: he had in fact already been previously convicted of sexually abusing his own daughter or the daughter of a former companion.

It was therefore in this context that the gendarmes had inspected his laptop: they had found “in his Google search history“Keywords such as” Amateur schoolgirl video without lingerie “,” Video young girl waking up and playing with my cock “or” A teenager deepthroats a big black cock “, it has been said.

Four deleted “files” had been more accurately found in the memory of his computer: These images depicted young people having “the physical appearance of minors,” according to the president of the Nantes Criminal Court.

He prefers “cougars” and “mature women”

Asked from the jail, the defendant admitted to being the owner of the laptop, however had incriminated one of his neighbors with whom he drank. “Everyone knew the password … Me, it is not possible that I did it, even with 3 or 4 g of alcohol”, he still defended himself on Wednesday before the criminal court.

The neighbor in question was therefore questioned by the gendarmes, but told them “know nothing about computers”, although the defendant confirms that he “supplied him with seven or eight hard drives” and that he had “a dozen computers”.

The same neighbor also stopped seeing defendants because of his “inappropriate” or “unhealthy” behavior with the young girls.

Stopped since his stroke in 2016, the defendant admits to having seen “movies for adults”, but rather with “cougars” and “mature women”: he consulted 442 pornographic sites between 2016 and 2020according to the counts of the gendarmes.

But there was “nothing” in child pornography, noted the President of the Nantes Criminal Court. “Given my past, it’s too risky,” the former truck driver explained.

This father was left behind by his last companion after the discovery of these pictures: she was “outraged” that he assured her that he was not consulting them.

Above all, she left with someone else. “I learned after the fact that I had been hooked for six months,” he felt it was necessary to clarify, this Thursday, to the three judges in court.

“Eight to ten months” required by the prosecutor

Originally detained in Nantes, the man has since been transferred “to a pool-sized cell” in Caen Prison Center specializing in the care of sex offenders.

“Before it was interesting, there were old people we could play belote and discuss,” the ex-truck driver lamented over this new prison experience. “Now only children are looking for a fight … As a result, there are about twenty of us who no longer leave our cells because we are scared.”

“Me, before I did not know what a firework or a bang was: I am from the country,” he had already said during his trial in 2020, referring to the drugs circulating in the prison.

Meanwhile, the public prosecutor had requested “eight to ten months” in additional jail for this man, whose “argument does not hold”: his “unfounded charges” against his neighbor are “in no way established” by investigators. He also wanted to ban him from addressing minors for the next ten years.

But his lawyer Mig Megan Lepinayhad advanced the “doubt” that could be on the “minority” of young people in the disputed images.

Access to the PC was also not “exclusive” to his client.

Usually, in this kind of business, we have a real catalog of pictures taken by the gendarmes … There we have only four.

Mig Megan Lepinay

Finally, the court decided to follow its reasoning and to relax with the sex case: the four images “can not be considered child pornography”, the president admitted.

The man nevertheless returned to detention in Caen to continue serving his sentence in 2020.

With its penalty reduction credits (PRC), he thinks he can go out “in September” next time and sell the rest outside with an electronic bracelet-type layout. The detainee said he had clues to this to find “accommodation in Caen”.

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