Intel passes third place in Laptop Evo certification


Intel Evo certification, a guarantee of performance, responsiveness and autonomy, is moving to its third generation. It now depends on the quality of exchanges and expands the ecosystem to accessories.

To guarantee the best experience with laptops equipped with an Intel processor, the founder launched his Intel Evo certification in September 2020. The latter ensures a certain fluidity, reactivity and autonomy. On the occasion of the release of its 12th generation of Alder Lake laptops processors, Intel presents the third iteration of its Evo certification.

The third generation of certification strengthens its specifications.  © Intel

The third generation of certification strengthens its specifications. © Intel

To obtain certification, the laptop must now of course have a 12th generation processor, but also 6E wifi, an ambient noise reduction system and a webcam with a minimum definition of 1080p.

All of these features make it possible to respond to the manufacturer’s user scenarios for better collaboration, especially during video conferencing, with flawless responsiveness and real autonomy of at least 9 hours with a quick recharge, allowing you to regain 4 hours of battery life. 30 min charge. Asked about the “low” autonomy announced for AMD’s Ryzen 6000, which promises nearly 24 hours of video playback, Intel assures that it indicates autonomy in real use and tested under a real-world scenario representing workday activity.

With Intel Evo, incomprehensible visions are over!  © Intel

With Intel Evo, incomprehensible visions are over! © Intel

Mandatory Full HD webcam

The focus is now on the quality of video conferencing. Manufacturers are thus asked to integrate webcams with a definition of at least 1080p, although not all models benefit from it immediately while manufacturers adapt. The latter will be supported by an IPU (Imaging Processing Unit), which is responsible for improving the final rendering. The sound part is not omitted and the microphone benefits from an active reduction of ambient and unwanted noise.

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Two other new features are emerging: a presence sensor to lock the computer and 5G support. Thus, eight PC models equipped with the presence sensor are expected in 2022, while around fifteen PCs are planned with 5G compatibility.

© Intel

Intel highlights the possibility of interaction with all its terminals. An Intel Evo PC will now be able to receive calls from your smartphone, Android or iOS or quickly transfer photos and files from one device to another without any problems. However, the manufacturer is still evasive about the implementation and announces the availability of this solution during the summer of 2022.

The specifications can be customized to meet the new formats.  © Intel

The specifications can be customized to meet the new formats. © Intel

The Evo certification is no longer limited to ultrabooks, it will include hybrid models and above all new formats with foldable screens. Intel claims to be working with the manufacturers of this type of model to get them to integrate the program, even if it means easing the specifications according to the limitations that these new formats may encounter.

The “Engineered for Intel Evo” logo does not appear on devices. © Intel

Intel is no longer happy with laptops and intends to form a complete ecosystem. In collaboration with accessory manufacturers, an “Engineered for Intel Evo” brand has been created. It allows the user to ensure that the peripherals work perfectly with their Evo-certified PC, in the same way as Apple with its “Made for Apple” application. There are currently docking stations (HP, Belkin, Anker, etc.) and two models of poly-headsets dedicated to the professional world, which will very soon be joined by Jabra and Lenovo.

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