In Saint-Tropez, he rented without permission the luxury cars that were left in shipping sales in his company

Neck cut to millimeters, wicks delicately gelled, tattooed diamond behind left ear … At first glance, Alvin B. would have his place to perform in the casting of the next opus of Fast and furious. In the second also for that matter. In the role of the villain.

“I am full of good will”

Captured by the patrol, the young leader of SARL Prestige Cars, based in Saint-Tropez and specializing in the sale of luxury cars, appeared before the Criminal Court in Draguignan for a number of offenses: misappropriation of corporate assets, money laundering, receiving forged documents, breach of trust, covert work, putting a vehicle on the road with an inaccurate license plate, misleading trading practices … Alvin B. likes big cars. Much less business law.

“I’m trying to do my best, he explained to the gendarmes. I’m full of goodwill! “

This sentence frightens Christophe T., who is sitting on the bench of the civil parties. In early 2021, he left his Audi Q3 on consignment at Prestige Cars in hopes of getting a good price for it.

But tick when you are asked to leave your vehicle for 15 days on trial for a potential buyer. Then he gets genuinely worried as he gets two fines, for parking and for speeding.

“Alvin B. recognized that my vehicle had been driven, remembers the victim, who had noticed a difference of 1,200 kilometers on the odometer. He told me it was his driver and then his ex-girlfriend. “

In fact, it was a group of friends – “unfavorably known by law enforcementSays prosecutor Mathilde Gauvain – who had illegally rented the Audi from Alvin.

“Can you imagine if this car had caused a fatal accident or if it had been used for a speeding? has moved Me Cédric Freydier, lawyer for Christophe T .. This is my client we would have been looking for! “

A fake written in front of the gendarmes

In doubt about the legality of the business carried out by the manager, the gendarmes dive into the accounts of the company. And bring more offenses and some offenses to light.

Like these “holes” in the police book, the company’s receipts were transferred to its current account, but also fake registration cards – “It’s complicated to get some for some vehicles bought abroad …” performed by a “Friend from Marseille” and for which Alvin received a commission.

In the eye of the storm, the defendant panics and hands over to his mother a Ferrari and a Lamborghini belonging to (legally, the) company, which has since been seized by the courts.

“It was my lawyer at the time who advised me to do this” defends the person in question. “You have a fun approach to business” notes President Nicolas Ernst. Who notices in passing that the defendant does not declare any tax revenue, like Prestige Cars.

A regulation of 65,000 euros (excluding fines) has already been notified to the company.

But while he knows to be in the spotlight, rebelote a few months later. This time it is an Audi A8 Spyder, which is discovered damaged and abandoned (!) On August 4, 2021.

The Luxembourg license plate turns out to be fake. The vehicle actually comes from Poland. On the body there is a sticker in the name of the company … Prestige Cars directs the police to Alvin B .. The latter admits to having rented the vehicle without a contract. Then, under the astonished eyes of investigators, write a fake backdated!

“He’s a fool, pleads his lawyer, Me Arnaud Lucien. He is 25 years old! He’s doing his best, but he’s not good. This does not prevent certain offenses from being characterized if he admits his mistakes. Investigators did not even bother to go through the diary. And we dare to accuse him of money laundering? Abuse of company assets? This file is a five-legged sheep without legal orthodoxy! “

Not enough to shake the prosecution, which demands against Alvin B. twelve months probation, a ban on running a business for five years as well as conducting a car sales activity.

The decision was reserved on 7 June.

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