How to transfer or back up data on your phone?

Each person has at least one smartphone, or even 2 in many cases, especially for professionals. Within a family, we can easily say that it sometimes represents many models between those who belong to the couple and those of children.

It is therefore obvious that this device, which has quickly become indispensable, requires that it be managed with solutions that are simple to use and that make it possible to transfer data between different models. Exchange of data in the family, or in the context of a telephone exchange, takes place very frequently. In addition, everyone can have their preferences for one brand or another, whether it is a Samsung for example or an iPhone.

Between iOS and Android, therefore, a solution is needed that can also handle the differences between these systems. So let’s find out Wondersahre Mobiletrans which allows each mobile phone user, manage the transfer of data from one phone to another.

Wondershare MobileTrans

Why transfer data between phones?

With the speed at which technologies are evolving and new models of smartphones are coming to the market, many users like to change phone every year. Operator bonuses help, as well as developments that quickly make a phone obsolete, these changes always happen with the same problem:

How do you transfer data from your old Android or iOS phone to the new model you just acquired?

This is one of the main reasons why it becomes advisable to have software capable manage data transfers from one phone to another.

This solution can quickly become essential in many cases, such as exchanging data between smartphone owners or simply transferring data between a professional and personal phone, for example.

The solution offered by Wondershare, called MobileTrans, is the ideal tool to enable you to easily transfer data between phones. It is also possible to make transfers from one OS to another or between 2 same OS:

  • iPhone to iPhone
  • iPhone for Android
  • Android to Android
  • Android to iPhone

Wondershare MobileTrans: Transfer data from phone to phone

Wondershare MobileTrans is the perfect solution for you manage data transfers between Android and / or iOS phones. The solution offers interesting features and benefits, which in particular make it possible to take it in the hand of any user.

Among the features offered by Wondershare MobileTrans, you will find out support for WhatsApp instant messaging data transfer. As messaging is used by many professionals, it is important to be able to manage and transfer conversations and shared data.

1. Selective data transfer

Selective data transfer is one of the strengths of MobileTrans. You can choose which data to transfer, as opposed to a global backup, which then requires a restore to sometimes only restore an image, video or just some data.

transfer data, Wondershare MobileTrans

2. WhatsApp data transfers, backup and restore

As mentioned earlier, WhatsApp messaging data is managed. You will be able to save all conversations, attachments and restore them to a new phone if necessary.

transfer data, Wondershare MobileTrans

3. Data backups to their computer

MobileTrans also handles your phone’s data backup just like iTunes or a third-party solution would do, but more intuitively here.

transfer data, Wondershare MobileTrans

4. Restore backup to phone

Finally, you need to restore the complete backup of your data (pictures, photos, applications, conversations, etc.) to another phone. An essential function when e.g. switches phones to a higher range. Between 2 different OS, selective backup will be preferred and appreciated.

transfer data, Wondershare MobileTrans

The benefits of Wondershare MobileTrans

MobileTrans has many benefits to support users.

Over 8,000 phone models are supported23

MobileTrans works with over 8000 phone models and supports all latest smartphones like iPhone 13, Samsung Galaxy models running Android 10 etc.

Flagship software: more than 50 million downloads

MobileTrans is the world’s most widely used data transfer software for mobile phones with over 700,000 satisfied customers. Currently, the software has over 50 million downloads.

A software available to everyone

The tools that Apple offers, such as iTunes, iCloud, or manufacturer software, are not always flexible in terms of usage. On the contrary, MobileTrans simplifies the whole process with just a few clicks.

Online support and help to accompany you

For both beginners and professionals, you can access Wondershare’s comprehensive knowledge base for free, to guide you in the use of MobileTrans if needed. In addition, dedicated support will be at your disposal if needed.


Wondershare MobileTrans is the benchmark for data transfer between phones. A software that has proven itself with millions of users and which controls the transfer of data by selection. More accessible and more flexible than the iTunes solution or software offered by the manufacturers.

Easy to learn, MobileTrans is available for all types of users. Find out by testing it for free via the visual image below:

Wondershare MobileTrans

Who is Wondershare?

wondershare is a leading publisher of professional and multimedia software. It offers solutions for converting audio / video files with Uniconverter, but also screencasting software, PDF document management with the powerful PDFelement tool.

Wondershare also distributes EdrawMax; professional software that allows you to create charts of any kind, especially thanks to very rich content libraries.

Finally, we at Wondershare find solutions for managing smartphones and data recovery with Recoverit. Wondershare, which has been a leader in its sector for many years, has created a place in the landscape of professional and multimedia software for the general public.

transfer data, Wondershare MobileTrans

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