Galacticon (Nintendo Switch) – Testing

Galacticon is developed by Radin Games & Flying Arcades, which also publishes the game. Radin Games & Flying Arcades have always worked together, but they do not have many games under their belt. The games they made are mostly games with a retro vibe.


“Humans are tiny creatures from an outer belt planet that, through their biomechanical monstrosities, have invaded, exploited, and enslaved most species in the galaxy.
The Interstellar Council met for the first time in ages and stated that there was only one option left to eradicate this plague … an option that has always been feared because it could be as strong as it is dangerous:
Summon the Galacticon, a legendary deadly creature – partly god, partly machine – and pray that everything will go well … “.

The story is just a pretext to give its player a reason to play, it’s an arcade game, and who says arcade games say to achieve the best possible score. At the moment it is impossible to know if this system will be implemented when it is released, but for beta testers a little competition has been set up to see who will be the best before its official release, which is very nice of them.

Attack, Maskingud!

It’s an arcade game where you just have to get as many points as possible, each level is quite unique where all the enemies have a certain pattern. To defend yourself against attackers you can shoot and use various bonuses while dodging your enemies by flying through the air. If you touch the edge of the lanes with your character or your shots, everything will go to the other side of the screen, allowing you to kill enemies that are in front of you and no longer escape. You will have 5 possible bonuses to collect, get more time, kill all the enemies on the screen, get an extra life, be able to shoot in front and behind at the same time, be invincible in a short time.

You will have to kill everything you see and destroy cages that will shut aliens out with 3 different colors. To go from one level to another you will have to put 4 red, blue and brown aliens in 3 different ships, but you have to be careful as the relationship between the aliens is not happy … The red and blue aliens are enemies , so it does not put them together, the chestnuts are neutral and do not give points if mixed with the others. To fully understand the color alien system, here’s how it works:

4 same colors = 20000 points (maximum achievable)

3 red / blue + 1 blue / red = 0 points (as it kills blue or red alone)

3 red / blue + 1 brown = 10000 points (as browns are neutral)

2 red / 2 blue + 2 brown = 5000 points

The game explains all these parameters to get maximum points, but it involves always placing 4 aliens of the same colors in a ship.

Once the ships are filled with multicolored aliens, it’s time to join your ship by going to space. During the phase of joining your ship, you will have to destroy, recover and avoid various items to achieve your well-deserved points. This is also where you can find secret points by passing a challenge which is not explained but which will give you minimum 30000 points and to find these secrets you need to go to the Galacticon page.

At the end of each game you will receive a QR code which gives access to the Galacticon page where a competition is present for beta testers and it will also provide clues to secret challenges every time you collect the QR code, 1 death = 1 clue. The site will not only provide clues, but also information about the creation of the game, such as the development of the Galacticon logo.

An arcade game with an Atari vibe

The game clearly has graphics reminiscent of some arcade games, it does it quite well and we understand what we are seeing. Simple graphics that work and that could make those who lived through that era nostalgic. The music is absent most of the time, but it’s always in order to remind old games like Jecpac by Rareware of a game with a gameplay similar to Galacticon, thankfully Galacticon is a much more complex and fun version than Jecpac.

The few music are fine, but it is a shame to have so few of them and that they are only activated in the phase of returning to the ship and achieving the shield bonus.

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