from Kafteur to the Laiterie district, a café-theater with a heart

Do you know Espace K, this place “multifaceted “, As described on its page? Both a performance hall, a theater school, a creative tool and a warm space, it is the former Kafteur who in 2016 moved from the railway station to the Laiterie district. A room open to all audiences, from the youngest to the most decrepit, because the more the more fun! And behind? We find a team with a heart and an experience of almost thirty years in humor, in Strasbourg. A space of character that we let you discover.

It is kI am koh, Space K?

Espace K, which has been located in the Laiterie district since 2016, is the heir to Kafteur, the small historic café-theater that opened by the same name in 1993, a stone’s throw from the train station. (instead of the current Le Botaniste restaurant). After 24 years in the first room, the move to Espace K in 2016 made it possible, with the help of the City, to think bigger. In this wilderness – the former Hall of Tanks – the team has done everything, by transforming this raw place into an inviting space, and into its image.

© Dorothee Parent
© Fanny Soriano

Cozy setting, with a beautiful scene on one side with its red folding seats and large curtains; the other, a small bar and its terrace for a drink before or after the performance ; and finally, its Curiosity Salon. In the latter, there are even some remnants of the former little cabaret: the chairs and tables have been given a new function, the lights a new home. Because Espace K is also about: a lot of recycling, of “odds and ends”, and in the suitcases a beautiful imagination and the desire to enjoy it.

This new space is larger, more flexible than the previous one and is able to accommodate exhibitions as shows, to create, assemble and host major shows ; and what’s more, in a particular district since located in the cultural center of La Laiterie, with not far Molodoï and Semencerie. A new breath, for this small group of motivated. For behind Espace K we find a human-scale enterprise : five employees; and well over fifteen volunteers who enroll each year [ndlr : si intéressé, l’appel à bénévoles sera lancé à la rentrée].

Room of curiosity © Dorothée Parent
In the field of curiosities © Dorothée Parent

Different humor

Espace K is too Kcharacter, with the will to make “other humor” and offers “noble entertainment”, adds its director and programmer Jean-Luc Falbriard and paraphrases Molière. Show to the public original, varied and intelligent programming.

And as a bonus, “Kuriosa”, Espace K, has a lot in its luggage, as it also hosts modern music and several festivals such as Giboulées (puppet theater and object theater), Théâtralis (around amateur practice and new companies), the 3M festival ( short film in May), Strasbourg Burlesque Festival …

It shows a colorful program, off the beaten track and different: a recipe that delights as Espace K has a loyal audience. Without playing the game with social networks, trends, the team goes to identify shows in Avignon which she brings back in her backpack; while the company utilizes the space for rise up and display his own creations, as with Captain Sprütz, a key figure in Kafteuren. And finally, she also regularly collaborates with companies and artists who have already passed, with stories written over time. With a confidence given to shows that are still maturing, such as a boost to creation. And on the other hand: a public that dares be surprised.

© Dorothee Parent

Stand-up: the Kgenerations of whiplash

And then we talk a lot about stand-up at the moment … If Espace K has always left a special place for comedians, another project is emerging: The following. In the Salon des curiosities, every Saturday night with the performance, Collectif Lateral de Sécurité will set up a stand-up scene. A very young squad to follow, which Espace K has opted for.

At the same time, because L’Espace K also allows one “generational clash”the room continues with Order artists offering other forms of alone-on-stage, such as Manuel Pratt, on stage for 45 years. A sheet metal worker who made “stand-up before it was stand-up”, explains Jean-Luc Falbriard. A little trashy, untraditional and very politically incorrect humor to be discovered next season.

© Fanny Soriano

The most important thing of the season

The 2021-22 season has already started, but it is not over! Let’s note the upcoming show by Compagnie Leandre Clown, Anythingcarried by five clowns including Leandre himself, a world-renowned Catalan clown with his Nothing to say. “Unique”we are told.

Next show? Donors BaroufThursday, April 28 at 20.30, an evening of support for Ukraine, and the profits will go to La Croix Rouge. Magic, juggling, Chinese rod, theatrical improvisation, humor, singing … A set consisting of twelve artists with different talents for a show that has a heart. We’d take our hats off, artists!

And as Jean-Luc Falbriard launched with a laugh in the traditional pre-show announcements to make word-of-mouth work: “Have a beautiful mouth, find beautiful ears”. The formula was way too pretty to be forgotten … So we let you handle the rest and talk about it around you!


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