Espace de Rue offers professional training in hip hop dance in Chalon-sur-Saône!

Registrations are taking place now! On this occasion, Info-Chalon met Jérémy Pirello, who also talks about his 10 years at the Grand Chalon Conservatory as a hip-hop dance teacher. Interview…

It’s 10 years since hip hop dance entered the Grand Chalon Conservatory …

Yes, that’s right, exactly 10 years in April! We started from a blank page. We created everything. A decade ago, we were the only ones offering the complete curriculum, from 1st cycle to DEC (Diploma of Choreographic Studies). Today we are an example of other conservatories. We took as our starting point the basic elements of hip hop, from its true values. In addition, I thank Philippe Cheloudiakoff and Robert Llorca for trusting me because I arrived with my background, my methods of sharing, for transmission. I have always been in the transmission, since 2003 in reality and then teaching future teachers of Hip-Hop dance at INJEP in 2008. In April 2012, hip hop moved to the Conservatory and the teaching was already finished. Today, in order to support me, a part-time position has been set up, it is a fantastic development!

How did you build this course at the Conservatory?

From year to year, we have developed essential things around two axes: competition (battle) and interpretation (the stage). My pedagogical formula appears in a book written last autumn by Odile Cougoule and commissioned by the CND in Paris, a chapter devoted to hip-hop pedagogy in conservatories.

Is your formula also exported abroad?

The course was exported to Shanghai in China, where I left for two weeks to set things up – a great story for several years, but unfortunately on stand-by since the epidemic. The dancer, who is trained as a teacher there, unfortunately did not resume teaching there. With Cie TSN, we have developed an exchange project in Mayotte. We have already taken the trip and have woven a network of acquaintances there. Mahorais dancers want to come and professionalize here.

Specifically, you are the educational leader of the professional hip-hop education ‘Espace de Rue’, how did the desire to create this education arise?

With Rachid Kassi, we are very much in transmission with Cie TSN. We are increasing the attention and training in hip hop from launch to Master Class, and we wanted to establish training through the company. Today, it is yet another dream come true thanks to the help of all our partners. The training is handled by the Grand Chalon Conservatory and our partners are: Espace des Arts, Chalon dans la Rue (CNAREP), the city’s Youth Service … Before that, our dancers who wanted to professionalize were going to Paris, Bordeaux or Lyon. Since last year it has existed in Chalon-sur-Saône! We are an area where many things happen in hip hop, for a very long time we were the first to develop this practice within the framework of an institution, it was the logical continuation of the course offered at the Conservatory.

Who makes up this 1st class?

This first campaign consists of 9 interns. Fleur is from Reunion, 1 dancer comes from Bordeaux, 2 from Dijon, 1 from Louhans and the rest from Chalon-sur-Saône. It should be noted that the training is intense, it represents 1200 hours during the year, and it is very cheap (about a little more than 200 euros to 825 euros per year, depending on the modalities. Possibility of pole support Employment according to your situation or CPF).

Who is this vocational training for?

It caters to all dancers who want to acquire the basics of the stage professional. During this training year, the first promotion worked despite the confinements on a piece presented at Piccolo with musicians, a street dance show, a show for the opening of Dance Week and a piece presented on May 13th. In addition, we work a lot with all our collaborators who are here in Chalon, a transversality that struggles to exist elsewhere, artist-speakers are also affiliated with the course. In addition, the education includes theater education, exploration of other disciplines, especially from classical to contemporary dance. Professional training mobilizes a lot of concentration and energy, the content is plentiful; the performer dancers come from this year as different. Of this group, 6 join professional companies after education.

How to apply?

Graduates contact us via the program’s Instagram page and also directly on the Conservatoire du Grand Chalon’s website ( -de-rue)) Application deadline on 13 May be postponed, so there is a further delay. However, the auditions will take place on Saturday, June 18, 2022. There are 10 places, search!

SBR – Photos / Credit: Jérémy Pirello

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