Does the mobile phone increase the risk of developing the disease? We tell you everything

Alzheimer’s disease is a very serious disease that affects many people in France. With many problems in everyday life, it seems that the mobile phone is an extra risk!

The cell phone, a dangerous invention?

It is an invention that has greatly revolutionized the world we live in. But not only as the latter continues to evolve our daily lives.

In fact, you should know that many features go through our phones. And we use a lot of it without realizing it on a daily basis!

To do this, know that every time you use a cell phone, you use a tool that enables us to revolutionize our daily lives. The latter makes it possible to provide simple answers by simply being able to conduct an internet search.

But it especially allows you to take pictures, which competes with dedicated cameras. In addition, it has especially revolutionized the world of navigation. This has been done with the appearance of many navigation applications, making it possible to reap all its benefits.

But we can especially play games, perform with music, work, study and many other opportunities! Be aware, however, that all of this can have negative effects. Like the beginning of Alzheimer’s disease.

Alzheimer's disease: definition, symptoms and treatments

In fact, addiction to cell phones is a real health problem. This can therefore lead to the appearance of various disorders, such as fatigue or OCD.

But you need to know that the latter can be an additional risk of developing the disease of Alzheimer’s.

The mobile phone, a risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease?

There are several studies that make it possible to correlate different consumption modes and the incidence of diseases.

In other words, it is important to understand that our consumption patterns have a different impact on our health. And in general, when it comes to addiction, it is not good for our body and our brain.

Recently, studies have been done to be able to link the use of mobile phones and the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

For this, you need to know that one of the factors that characterizes Alzheimer’s disease is the accumulation of calcium in the cells. And according to a study performed on laboratory rats, the accumulation of electromagnetic waves generates an increase in the level of calcium in neuronal cells.

The latter would be activated by the magnetic fields and would bring excess calcium into the neuron cells.

All this promotes the onset of Alzheimer’s disease! But that is not all, as the increase in this calcium level has other effects.

Alzheimer's disease: memory could be restored

This leads to an increase in amyloid precursors, called BACE1 and beta-amyloid peptide aggregates, two factors associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

Martin Pall, researcher and neurologist, clarified the following: Electromagnetic fields act through electrical peaks and time-varying magnetic forces on the nanosecond scale. Each of these can produce the ultimate nightmare, extremely early-onset Alzheimer’s disease.“.

An important aspect to consider!

You need to know that Alzheimer’s disease is a disease that can have a very negative impact on the daily lives of those affected. But also to their loved ones who have to go through the various changes associated with Alzheimer’s disease!

The phone would be a factor that favors the appearance of this disease. Although many gray areas still persist against this disease. Which makes it one of the most misunderstood yet.

Martin Pall thus clarified the following: People who were exposed to these electromagnetic fields during their work had a higher incidence of Alzheimer’s disease“.

Alzheimer's disease: causes, definition, symptoms, life expectancy

But according to our colleagues from DoctissimoAlzheimer’s disease would be exactly the following: Alzheimer’s disease remains mainly a dementia among the elderly, and the incidence is on the rise due to the aging of the population. Although the physiology of rats and humans is different, this study highlights a pathway that should be further explored to know whether electromagnetic fields may have such an impact on cognitive health in humans.“.

You need to know that Alzheimer’s disease is developing rapidly all over the world. More than 49 million people were affected in 2015, 75 million are expected in 2030.

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