Cyril Hanouna’s golden contract extends C8 losses

In 2017, C8 saw its revenue drop by around 10% and its losses grew by 50%, mainly due to the application of the wonderful contract obtained by Cyril Hanouna.

In 2015, Cyril Hanouna hit the jackpot. His production company H20 signed a contract with C8 for 50 million euros a year against the previous 19 million. This five-year contract entered into force in mid-2016 and therefore entered into force in 2017.

The impact on the results of C8 is very clear. The TNT channel’s program expenses increased by +46% compared to 2015. Consequence: The losses exploded last year and reached the record sum of 75 million euros, according to the social accounts that C8 has submitted to the commercial court’s register. Never before has the channel lost so much money since its inception in 2005 …

TPMP’s busty margins

Anyway, Do not touch My TV, Cyril Hanouna’s flagship show, is in itself very lucrative. Officially, each program is billed at 80,000 euros, or almost 18 million euros a year. On the contrary, it represents half of the channel’s advertising resources, according to Publicis Media, or about sixty million euros.

On the other hand, the other programs produced by Cyril Hanouna under his contract (see list below) are visibly less profitable. Most of them were not renewed due to lack of hearing …

First decline in revenue

However, the explosion of C8 losses has other, minor explanations. First, revenue fell by around 10%

, whereas an increase of + 23% was initially budgeted. Again, this is the first time that revenue has fallen since the creation of the channel …

This decline in revenue has several causes. First, a drop in viewership, which fell by 0.1 points last year. Then a homophobic scam by Cyril Hanouna, aired in May 2017, scared many advertisers away. Finally, in June 2017, the Superior Audiovisual Council (CSA) suspended advertising for three weeks following other errors by the host. This suspension alone cost 1.5 million euros according to the CSA (in turn, C8 quantified the shortfall to 9.5 million euros with the Council of State).

Finally, the losses were also dug by the € 3 million fine imposed by the CSA after the homophobic scam.

Measures out of reach Since the beginning of 2018, the audience for the channel owned by Canal Plus has been in slight decline. But TPMP’s audiences are stable compared to the previous year and are back ahead of their big rival Daily

at TMC. But the target allocated internally for 2019 (double the number of C8s) now appears to be out of reach. As well as the 8 pct. targeted

by the main shareholder Vincent Bolloré.

Negotiated gold contract

At the same time, Cyril Hanouna’s golden contract has been renegotiated. In fact, the channel belonging to Canal Plus quickly realized that it would have a hard time ordering 50 million euros a year of programs from Cyril Hanouna. In its 2016 accounts, it set aside 10 million euros corresponding to this risk. At the same time, the chain undertook to renegotiate the contract, in order to spread the orders over time. The outcome of this renegotiation is unknown. We just know it was in November announced

a two-year extension of the contract, ie until mid-2023.

The contact before the announcement did not want the H2O spokesman to make an official comment, and Canal Plus did not respond. Update: i the Parisian
June, a Canal Plus director explains that:
-C8 will go into balance within 3-4 years
-70% of the contract with H2O relates to C8, the remaining 30% relates to the delivery of programs to other channels belonging to the Canal Plus group

the contract was renegotiated for the 2017-2018 season with an extension of rights and a commitment of around € 40 million per year IN Do not touch My TV
of 6 June, Cyril Hanouna stated that:
the net cost of C8 is 120 million euros per year
– the increase in online prices is due to the arrival of Thierry Ardisson (in September 2016) and William Leymergie (in September 2017)TPMP costs 80,000 euros per. number, which is less than Daily
(110,000 euros)
– the suspension of advertising imposed by the CSA cost 10 to 15 million euros -other H2O productions such as It’s just TV, here it’s Lemoine, Strike
achieved good ratings this season and continue

-H20’s contract expired in 2020 and was extended by one year. In this extra year, Cyril Hanouna will continue to be the producer, but “must not host” the TPMP: “we took money from the remaining years to be able to manage one more year, but maybe without me leading the programs”

C8’s revenue fell by -25% in 2017 according to the company accounts. Most of this fall, however, comes from a different accounting of the commission paid to Canal Plus’s advertising management. Adjusted for this effect, the decrease in revenue can be estimated at -10% (see details below).
Emissions produced by H20 for C8
Do not touch My TV
It’s just TV
strike (primetime)
La grande rassrah (primetime)
Magic according to Gueny (primetime)
This is Lemoine (primetime)
La scoumoune (project in prime time)
The Red Shadows
Info evening (documentary)
TPMP game
family camp
What does Camille think about that?
The egg or the chicken
behind the post
Do not touch my sport
For us, it is a gift
great buzz quiz

Boy band madness (documentary)

Disneyland Paris Madness (Documentary)

NB: the programs in italics are no longer on the air

NB: H2O also produces programs for Canal Plus (Hanounight Show), CStar (Show in the morning, Le van, Repley of the week) or Comédie + (La grosse emission).
C8 results
Audience share (in%)
2012: 2.3
2013: 3.2
2014: 3.3
2015: 3.4
2016: 3.4

2017: 3.3
2018 (5 months): 3.2
Turnover (in millions of euros) *
2012: 57
2013: 106.3 of which advertising 98.7
2014: 129.5 of which advertising 113.9
2015: 135.9 of which advertising 120.9 (94 excluding commissions)

2016: 150.9 of which advertising 138.5 (107.9 excl. Commission)
2017: 112.9 of which advertising 97.9 excluding commissions
Program purchase costs (in millions of euros)
2013: 53.5
2014: 72.8
2015: 79.6

2016: 103.4
2017: 115.9
Net income (in millions of euros)
2012: -62.4
2013: -32.7
2014: -24
2015: -30.1

2016: -50.3

2017: -75.5

Source: Médiamétrie, social accounts * The commission for the management of Canal Plus has been deducted from revenue since 2017

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